Traverse discount question

Hackers, building a traverse deal for myself and wondering if 10-11% discount before incentives is remotely realistic for a traverse Premier redline, I’m in NY area but would travel for deal. Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

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you’re not getting a redline for $400/mo

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I’m also looking for info about what an appropriate discount would be for a 1LT or 3LT in NY area. 8%? 10%?

I read all the Traverse threads, but most do not provide actual deals, just suggestions to get the car.

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hello hackers, here’s the deal i’m planning on taking for a traverse 3LT with premium package + leather. 499/mo with first month & TAGS DAS.

MSRP - 46,790
Selling - 42,932
Incentives - $2,890
Acquisition Fee $650
Tax 1,774
Cap cost 42,466
36x15k miles
score 8.3
resid 61%
MF .00158

I also have educator discount but two dealers agreed to this pricing which is slightly below what they claim is educator discount. With the tags rolled in would be approx $508, coming up with 8.3yrs on the calculator which to me seems great for this truck. Anyone have thoughts?

had to tweak some fees around to make the #s work but its pretty close to my actual deal.