(Transferred already) Lease Transfer: 2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE MSRP 29K $235/mo + $25.93 tax($2925 msds)

Available for transfer is a 3 months new 2019 Toyota Rav4 XLE FWD SUV, color super white, XLE standard package + Roof Rack Cross Bars + Door Edge Guard + Mudguard + Trunk cover. MSRP $28979

Lease ends 04/01/2022

12,000 miles a year (Current mileage as of July 5th is ~3000 miles)

I am currently paying $280.29/mo + tax($25.93/mo), $2925 refundable deposit(MSD), I am willing to lower your cost by giving you $45/mo discount, I will pay you the money up-front(could me you pay me less MSD)

The reason for the lease transfer is that I am relocating back to east coast and don’t need this car anymore, I will pay the transfer fees $200.

VIN #: 2T3W1RFV0KW017569

Location: San Francisco, CA


I have been shopping around, but never heard of a refundable deposit, and don’t understand what the abbreviations refers to. I am interested in taking over the lease.


Sure, I think it is works this way: I have $2925 MSD in with Toyota Financial Services and the lease transfer will transfer that amount to be under the new lessee. As part of the transfer you might need to pay me upfront the MSD. However given I am motivated to transfer this lease out, I can lower that amount for you as part of the incentives. I have $500 in mind( plus I will pay $200 transfer fee ).
If you are interested, you can take a look at the car and we can discuss with Toyota Financial Services to go through the details once you can confirm interest.


MSD = Multiple Security Deposits

They are refundable at grounding, assuming vehicle is undamaged and whole, less normal wear, which should be specifically described somewhere in the lease contract.

Edit: MSD are used to “buy down” the money factor (MF) which is the interest the buyer pays to borrow the asset, in this case a RAV4.

Updated pricing

I sent you a PM

I reached out - hoping to hear back soon.

I am very interested. How to contact you?

Still available?