Transferred - 2019 BMW 640I GT - $82k msrp / $527 per month, 14 months left

Just turned in my GT last week. Great car, great value

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Several interested parties not understanding the need for up front $ for MSDs, one serious interest but couldn’t work with shipping and one person that I laughed off because they wanted the car for $299 effective monthly. Directed him to a 3 series…

It is now back available again.

Some answers to FAQs, no I will not waive the MSDs. You’ll need to pass BMWs credit requirements for an $80k MSRP lease, so good credit is required. You’ll need to pay the $500 transfer fee and pay $3200 to me. I’m incentivizing it $1,000 but that doesn’t change the payment, it is $598 including tax to Bmw. You will receive a very nice car with brand new tires that you can drive for 14 months and I have a full album of images showing condition accurately. At lease end you’ll get the full $4,200 back that I paid initially.

One more week and we go to Swapalease for $598 and no incentive. Roughly $200-300 less per month than the other GTs there;


Can’t wait to see that poster’s face when they find out you can’t get a 3-Series anymore for that price, either…


The guy that tries to low ball everyone strikes again. I think he’s been banned


If that ain’t a leasehackr special if I’ve ever seen one.


I’d do this if I wasn’t so far from Minny.

Just how far are you?

MSP is a Delta hub. :wink:


Yeah, shipping and transfer fees on a short term lease really add on to what is a great deal.

Yeah it is a delta hub but how do I get the car to Southern California?

You road trip it back and use 1/3 of the remaining miles left on the lease, LOL.

Alternately, you ship it and spend probably $1200 or so, and then it becomes obviously not quite as attractive due to the number of months left.

So I agree, this is best for a fairly local transfer. For someone in that scenario, this is a mice deal.

In 2019 I had an unemployed friend who was willing to drive a car across the country for me (his idea).

I decided against it when I considered the price of the car, and how early in the day he normally starts smoking weed and never really stops.


Spend $200 on listing on swapalease, that car should go quickly … I just did a BMW transfer, took one week, Wednesday to Wednesday with paying overnight FedEx.

Rather than incentivizing $1000 why don’t you offer someone on SAL that you’ll pay for shipping anywhere on east coast. Same $1000, likely less but it mentally helps someone getting over the hurdle to pay for shipping

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Lots of interest so it likely won’t make it to SAL.

If it does it’s not going there with any incentive. All of the cars there are $200+ more per month and some with less miles. I did the extra $1,000 for the LH community as that’s how I found out about the deals on these cars.

It makes the most sense for someone less than 500 miles away. I can pick you up at MSP and you can drive it home.


Questions and TIA as im learning all this new…how does the transfer to say NY work with regards to the taxes(NYC 8.875%)…what is the amount i would be paying taxes on…? is it the total of my payments? or is it a total of something else…? …and one last question how much does it cost to have a vehicle shipped 1200 miles to me as the driving would kill a whole month of miles…
lastly the residual is the cost i may buy the vehicle if per say i was interested in an end of lease purchase…thanks again its a great deal for someone

  1. Don’t ask the same question across multiple threads.

  2. Search the forum for shipping companies and brokers: ask them for quotes.

  3. Forget about buying any BMW lease from the good ol’ days at RV because you’ll end up being under water.

hey appreciate the reply…understood…will do…and thanks for that tip

wow, dream config. good luck!

as a DP - Shipping from MSP to NYC was quoted at $1375 with one of the LH well-regarded shipping brokers.

Two more days and she’s headed to swap a lease. Lots of interest but no application to BMW yet.

She’s now up on Swap-a-lease - 2019 BMW 6 Series lease in Edina, MN

If you contact me through LH I will honor the $1,000 off, which you could use for shipping.