(TRANSFER PENDING) 2017 Ford C-Max Energi; $309 + tax; 8 months; 2,500 miles/month

2017 Ford C-Max Energi SE PHEV
39/12k private lease transfer
RV: $12,296
Base payment $306.50 + tax*
*lease originated in GA with all tax included, vehicle currently registered in CA. Not 100% sure, but I think Ford will start adding tax to the monthly payment when the lease is transferred

Lease held with Ford Motor Credit
$0 transfer fee, but they will charge $75 for credit check

Transfer time 3-6 weeks according to Ford

Plug-in hybrid, 25 mi EV range; 500+ mi hybrid range

VERY minimally driven, basically I used it to relocate from GA to CA and now have a 2 mile commute each way, so it’s not seeing much use any more. Only has around 18,500 miles with lease end 6/2/2020 so there’s about 2,500 miles/month remaining.

Had expired green HOV stickers, but is eligible for new red stickers (I don’t commute any more, so didn’t need to renew them)

Clean, no accidents, lots of tread left on the tires, recently had oil changed.
Includes owner’s manual, 2x key fobs, 120v charging cable, window sticker.

Located in SF Bay Area, 94590 (Vallejo)

Please PM if interested!


This is a great deal for someone who needs a lot of miles.

Looks like 7 remaining payments, totaling $2,349 (assuming 9.5% tax). With 20,500 miles left on the lease, that’s 11 cents per mile.

Southern California Edison customers qualify for a $1,000 rebate (even if one has been awarded to the previous owner), bringing it down to just 6.5 cents per mile. PG&E has an $800 rebate, but not sure about the terms.

I believe there’s no disposition fee on Ford Credit leases signed prior to September 2017, so that’s another plus.


@michael That’s correct! There’s no disposition fee on this one and it’s a great deal for someone with a long commute who wants to use HOV lanes in CA. I’m pretty sure I already received the PG&E rebate which is only available once per VIN.

UPDATE: I am in contact with several interested parties and a transfer in progress (pending credit approval). Thank you all!