[Transfer Completed] [NJ] - 2017 BMW i3 REX | $54.7K MSRP | 15 mo / 11.2K miles left | One Pay $3K incl. 2 wheel/tire sets | Transfer fee paid to BMW


Transfer completed. Admins, please close this thread.

So are you paying $160 per month or $222? And you are asking to be paid for remaining miles as well - 0.25*11,000?

He’s asking for one lump sum bc he did a 1 pay. The per month amounts are simply for explanation, I believe.

I’m interested, please pm me or text me 302-383-5667. Thanks

Yes, this is correct. Asking for a lump sum because I did one pay. Asking for $2,400 for the remainder of the lease (and remaining miles) + $1,000 for the winter wheel/tire package.

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got it. thanks! my understanding was that the amount OP should get $222.7*15 as it is lease month remaining which is 3340.5 but i get it now as op giving the incentive to make it 160

I’m Interested.

My i3 REX lease is up on Jan 29th.

Please text me 267-210-6300.

Updated terms in original post. Please see above.