Transfer 2021 Camaro LT1 COUPE | $299+tax/mo + $3000 Down

Posting this car for a friend of mine who is not on LH.

2021 Camaro LT1 COUPE
Automatic/Technology Package/Dual Exhaust/Bose Sound

Location: MIAMI, FL

MSRP: $39,445
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $299

Current mileage: ~9600
Maturity mileage: 32,500
Effective miles per month: ~1350 mi/mo
Maturity date: 6/17/24

Cash due: $3000
Transfer fee: $625 paid by you
MSD due: None

Financial institution: GM Financial
Out-of-state transfer allowed: NO, Florida only

Lease End Buyout: $31,934

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.): 9/10 - garage kept, low miles driven

Requires FL residency (GM Financial doesn’t allow out of state transfers)
Requires 720+ credit score

Serious inquiries only.


Nice car…these look great in white IMO✔️


Damn do I want another lt1? Would be super convenient

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$575ish effective payment with tax. If he’s flexible on that down payment I have a buyer that will take it


You’re the buyer :rofl: just get it!

If those Sub $400 LT1’s come back, I’m getting another one

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He has a STO in his garage he just don’t post it

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Nah not me. Extra parking space is $400/mo here. I roll one car at a time. Wife puts up with the tundra, would never allow this as a shared car so I’d have to put it on the street. 90% of the time I drive a Segway ninebot :joy:


I’m a taker here too but with lower DAS from OP I have a Florida address.

Makes me really miss my LT1 :cry:

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I don’t think anyone that previously leased that car doesn’t miss it. So much bang for the buck in the 300/mo days


Should I take it? I’d do 0 down and register it at my grandparents house :rofl:

I think any of us wojkd do 0 down!

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Everyone here would do $0 down.

No one here will do $3000 down.


At $3k down I don’t think his buddy will get any traction here. Might get a bunch of stingy LHers texting him to remove the DAS.

He should just post it on SAL. I’m sure in FL, it’ll go easily with $3k asking


I’ll take if he covers the transfer fee and 0 down :grin:

I think 2k transfer fee inc is what it needs to be here. Low 400 effective. Mmr is around 34-35. So 32 buyout now puts it right around there.

Swapalease is def the way to go. 3k down someone in Miami will take it. If they can get approved.


Thats a true LH’er right there!

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I have no skin in the game, it’s not my car, but I wanna hear from anyone a better short term lease option for 1.5 years with 15k mi for an effective payment in the $500s. And please don’t give me the frontier, that car is cheap but absolute garbage


Real world experience with the frontier or just being a keyboard warrior?

I test drove it. Way underpowered and uninspiring for my taste.

But to each their own.