Transfer 2018 f150 xlt 302a 4x4

2018 F150 XLT SuperCrew 4x4
2.7 EcoBoost/10 Spd
Blue Jean (dark blue)
302A package
Running boards
Sliding rear window
Heated seats, etc.
Towing package
Sync Connect
XLT Power Equipment group
MSRP: $will post later with pictures & sticker.
Residual: $28,492.80
Term: 36 month/12k (began November 7, 2018, ends November 7, 2021)
Payment: $428.52 w/ tax
Current mileage: ~5,600
Location: Burlington, IA (3 hours north of St. Louis, 4 hours west of Chicago)

Looking to get out of my lease for a couple of reasons. I am way under mileage and grossly overestimated my needs and plan on downgrading to a more efficient car and buying a beater truck. I’m afraid to do much work with such a nice truck, and would rather just have an old banged up one for winter storm driving and hauling junk.

Overall the truck is in very good shape. This truck is washed weekly and garaged at night. A few scratches in the bed from hauling things

$75 Application/transfer fee will be paid by me. You must have a strong credit score to be able to assume this lease. I got this lease with a 720 score, I’ve read you may need 750+ FICO score. I’m sure people on this forum know way more than I do. This is all done by paper and snail mail. After my conversation with Ford Credit they indicated this may be a about 3-4 week process. Lease is currently paid up to July 6th.

Any questions, please contact me. Thank you!