Transfer 2018 BMW i3 49k MSRP $368/mo w/tax Tech Package

Deka with driving assist and front/rear parking distance control
Navigation with bigger screen
Car is basically brand new. Got it on Jan 31 2019.

MSRP: $49xxx
29 moths left
Currently has 518 miles
25000 miles allowed

$368/mo including OC 7.75% tax
$2800 MSD must be paid to me directly. You will get the money back from BMWFS at the end of the lease.

I already applied for purple HOV sticker, should be here soon.

Flipping it for the 2.5k CARB rebate?

I’m ineligible for the CVRP rebate.

And you’ll need to pay back CVRP the prorated amount if you sell the car before 30 months

Oh a 2018. Best of luck with transfer

Car is still available for transfer

Wrote something wrong