Transfer-2017 Mini Countryman All4 - $258+Tax - 1200 miles per month left/14 months

Helping a friend transfer their lease on a car they never drive

Located in Massachusetts
Residual is $21,683

There is a small ding on the drivers door
She put a good chunk of money down (before I existed) to get the payment to $258+Tax ($275 including 6.25% tax)
Only 5500 miles on this 36 month/7.5k mile per year lease.
So there are 17000 miles remaining for 14 months or 1200 miles per month

Really good deal. Buyer pays transfer fee through BMW financial

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Hi , where is the car located ? Can the lease be transferred to person in Long island, NY ? What is the lease end buy out ? What is the BMW txsfer fee ?

Residual 21,632

Does she have a Shetland pony?

alpaca actually…and it does not come with the mini

Hi, I’m in Boston. Can I come look at the vehicle? I can start the process after looking at it. Please let me know, thanks!

Of course

Let’s touch base tomorrow at 339-364-0356 to schedule a showing

Car is located in Southie

And I saw you posted about the Tacoma too…

And the bolt.

Maybe contact me and I can help you get into a car.

hi , Is this Mini still available for transfer ? Thanks

Only for local buyers in MA or neighboring states

Can I ask, why only local buyers? If buyer coordinate pickup then it can be opened to other States?

Are you going to come and see it in MA before committing to it?