Trade my lease to INFINITI - Need Help

Hackrs… i’m about to trade my lease in to a Florida infiniti dealer, but they’re telling me that i have to buy the vehicle out and sell it back to them immediately. The paperwork will show that. On my new lease i’m questioning approximately $2K and they’re saying that’s the taxes from me buying out the lease.
My question is do i need to buy out the car from infiniti before i trade it?


Are you trying to trade it in on a new Infiniti or on a different brand?

If a new Infiniti, you need to find a new dealer.

Yes on a new Infiniti…

You need a new dealer. You don’t need to buy it out before they take it in.

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I figured that, i give them my leasehackr calculations numbers and as you know they make excuses on it’s leaving something out. Thanks for the clarification.
If any FL broker in here wants to help me get this car, please reach out.


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