Trade in 2018 GLC 300 Lease for 2020 Q3, am I crazy or people not giving a good deal?

This is my dilemma,

We moved into a new condo and the parking it extremely tight for our 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic.

Pay off is $36221.76
Lease end date is 6/21

Tried Multiple dealers and coming in at a loss of words.

2020 Q3 Prestige
MSRP 45270
Discount 4527
Sale price 40742

Per dealer
MF is .00164
RV 58% on 36month term

Dealer says Estimate on current car
With "Trade Balance $36201

Trade difference $49529

Fees $85
Sales Tax 8.5 %

Per DMV Transfer and Registration is $631

Dealer say
Per 5k Down 7500/year Mileage
36m =740.55
Per 7k down 7500/year mileage
36m 680.81

Basically everything I’ve seen and calculated they are way off.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?
I am all ears and up for any suggestion.

"Tight parking " isn’t a reason to loss thousands.

First thing you’ll hear folks here say is to separate the trade from the new vehicle. Then read this article:

Then verify the MF/RV/incentives the dealer is telling you on Edmunds. Look on the Marketplace here if you are considering other vehicles.

Numbers look correct to me.

The Q3 is a whopping 1.4" narrower than the GLC…

How many thousands are you willing to pay per inch?


Car values are really low right now. Especially with Hertz possible unloading every Infiniti purchased over the last 3 years onto the market, this is not the time to ask a dealer to buy out your car.

On the Q3, 10% off and a really inflated MF is not doing you any favors on this one. Check Edmunds, but I see it as 0.00114.

GLC 300 is 74.4" width and the Q3 is 72.8" width. I am not sure what Weber’s Law would say about car widths, but I think that is definitely under the difference threshold. Especially with your lease ending in a year, it is not worth losing thousands for this IMO.

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We were looking at all of our options when the other side is a concrete column. See attached image

How about putting it up on swapalease?

Then perhaps consider a Tiguan, which is an inch narrower than the Q3…

Q3 Prestige is gonna be a terrible lease, forget about putting 9k negative on top.

It’d probably be cheaper to pay out of pocket for moving the pillars.

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Possibly not, actually, if he/she has to fight the HOA… Or, if in removing the pillars, a careless neighbors ends up hitting the car…

To the OP: if you’re really getting a new car specifically b/c you want a car that’s easier to park in that spot, I assume you’ll actually ask to drive the car to your condo to see how it fits b/f agreeing to lease?

People will pay thousands of dollars cause they want an extra inch to park near a concrete pillar…

Pay for some parking lessons, prob cheaper…

HOA idea is not terrible. It would probably take some time, but so would trying to make some deal like this work in even a reasonable manner.

Yes, we can’t remove pillars due to concrete and the high rise above us. We have already had other People rub the side of the car when they exited. I’m trying to prevent that as much as possible.

I know how to park, that’s not the idea. It’s a parking garage. So trying to prevent others stupidity.

Wrap the pillar in some pillows

You need those bumper badger things for the side of your car. Otherwise the same people are going to ruin your next car

At the risk of veering way off topic (but trying to be genuinely helpful)… Do you mean that your passengers hit the doors against the concrete? In that situation, I actually ask my passengers to get out b/f I park the car.

The reason I mention the above is b/c, if you’re really that concerned about a car’s width, realize that all SUVs (aside from, say, a Kia Niro or something the size) are generally wider than non-SUVs. The Q3 is still a pretty wide car (esp for a compact SUV), so, TBH, I don’t think you’re going to be happy w/ that, either, if your main concern really is the width of the car.

Transfer the car and use uber to get everywhere.

Probably cheaper than this disaster.