Tracking your old lease?

I returned my S90 2 weeks ago but I still have access via the Volvo On Call app. Very strangely the car was driven 118 miles (to Palm Springs) and is now parked for the past day at a marijuana store.
No way the car was sold already (it still has 1/4 of a tank of gas left). I thought that maybe another dealer bought it but why would it be driven and why is it no where near another dealership. Maybe an employee took it for a spin? However it has been picked there since Saturday.

Obviously it isn’t my car anymore so whatevers but curious. I will call Volvo tomorrow to make sure my account is all squared away, online access is so saying inactive.

Have you tracked your lease return? What did they end up?

Haha – that story made me laugh. I’ve always plugged in the VIN of my lease returns to see their resale listings (and chuckled at the sight of scratches that I recognized, etc.), but I’ve never seen them beyond that (nor have I had a lease return with any kind of tracking technology like Volvo On Call).

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To update (if anyone cares), the car is now at another Volvo dealership. Can’t imagine it being a good investment for the new dealership given the market for S90s plus the car had two small rear end accidents (don’t know if it is listed on carfax).

Respectfully: the poor S90 got high on your farts for years. Let it smoke some pot, it’s an adult.

On the way to ground them I always thank them for their service, then ghost them like a needy ex. No interest in seeing where they went.

I always factory reset everything on the way to turn it in and delete the app. Think about it: you can see where the car is, which means your app can phone home with your GPS location too.