Toyota US Bank numbers

Anyone know where to find the US Bank monthly Toyota Residual and MF numbers. I’ve been trying to replicate some deals as posted on here but all the dealers around me insist on knowing how I’m coming up with my numbers? Thank you

The money factor and residuals differ by region

I am in MN

I had a hard time finding it. You gotta search the forums and/or get them from dealers. You can find Allys on their website.

Did you ensure those dealers actually do US Bank deals?

Yes, only asking dealers who are using US bank…I do understand the numbers are regional…just wish US bank had them available like Ally

You sure you want to take the risk of getting screwed at lease end?

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I assume you mean about wear and tear…I have read everything about it and most of those who did have to pay in had known, visible problems with their vehicles per the posted wear and tear brochure. I do agree that they shouldn’t up charge crazy amounts, but again majority of what I saw was because people turned their vehicle in after the inspection pointed things out assuming they’d only get charged what their local body shops charge. I am planning on not assuming and proactively fixing what I can on my truck if they point it out before I turn it in. Because I don’t want to assume anything I was hoping someone would have the US bank numbers for the midwest but they seem fairly impossible to find. It gives a nice advantage to the dealers to claim RV and MF be whatever they want as I have no way to verify that with US Bank. Other than few deals posted on here is is really hard to know what the different trim numbers are. I like to believe in “everybody eats” option, so I don’t want the dealers to loose out and I think they deserve to get paid, but I hate when they obviously lie about those numbers with claims like “those deals aren’t available anymore, you must put money down on a lease, I don’t know where you heard about deals like that, there is just no discount on that, DAS isn’t allowed even on TFS now, if someone is offering you that kind of deal you should run and get it (dealer arrogance at its best), I’ve worked here for 25 years and never heard of a deal like that…list goes on”

Most captives charge on a reasonable definition of “excess” wear and tear, not pure wear and tear. The latter means you’re expected to return a car in showroom condition, which is practically impossible for most people without any additional $$$ spent at a body shop.

Between the lack of RV/MF transparency and much stricter end-of-lease criteria, why would anyone want to go with US Bank?

What model Toyota are you looking at?

Tacoma - basically fine with any trim

A dealer can’t fudge the RV. If they do, the contract will not get funded. MF is another story.

That said, unless it’s one helluva lease deal, if it were me, I’d stay clear of USBank. @michael, the forum owner had problems with USBank, and his car wasn’t damaged excessively. He’s definitely not alone either. There’s a whole large thread on it. Granted, not everyone got dinged at turn in, but it seems to be Russian Roulette as to what you’ll get dinged for and what the cost will be.

It’s your money though.

I will report if I feel scammed when I turn my current lease in.

I did my research as well in regards to lease turn-in w US Bank. From what I remember, most of the complaints were in the past (2017 and prior) or were legit excess wear and tear problems. I talked to some folks about their US Bank leases that had no issues with their turn ins. Like most things in life, people are more likely to post bad experiences than good experiences when it comes to mundane things like a lease return. I’ll take my chances w US Bank considering the deal I got with them.

On tundras in Missouri, 3 different dealers have given me 2 different numbers for USBANK MF
.0013 and .00149
No one has been able to get close to the deals the brokers are sharing on here. Calling dealer #4 today :wink: