Toyota Tundra SR5

Long time listener, first time caller. Actually, first time leaser too. I haven’t had a car payment in years, but thought this was a good deal.

I don’t have all the numbers, as I haven’t picked up the truck yet. This is what I have been offered:

2019 Toyota Tundra SR5 Off Road
$0 out of pocket.
All TTL’s paid
$0 down
No trade
24 months of free preventative service.
23 payments of $340

Sign and drive.


Good deal. Take it

What state are you in? I’m in the mkt for a similar deal. Thanks.

The tags say Minnesota…

MSD’s available?

I’d kill for this deal. Where in MN did you find this? I’m in the metro.

Mills Toyota Willmar. Friend of mine got an even better deal in March … Same deal, but $298/mo. The deal is through US Bank and Toyota.


Not sure because I don’t know what MSD’s are. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Crazy to hear these deals are still happening. I called around a 200 mi radius from central TX and it seems dealers could care less about making a deal. When I mention US bank they pretty much tell me to take a hike.

Guess I’m heading to Wilmar this weekend! Did you have much trouble getting the deal or were they amicable to negotiations?

There were no negotiations. The deal was the deal through US Bank. I would call ahead to Mills and ask for Robert… Make sure you call the Willmar # or you’ll be talking with someone in Brainerd.

The terms change monthly. They were good in March, not April and again in May (I signed in May). Not sure what June is, but if not good, try again in July. Good luck.

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Thanks man!