Toyota Tundra SR5 TSS Offroad w/ Leather 36/12k $422/mo 0 down 1st month das

2021 Tundra Crewmax SR5 TSS Offroad with leather interior, had a great leasing experience, the whole thing took about 15 minutes. My second vehicle with them, absolutely first-rate professionals at Toyota of Mount Pleasant, they will even meet or deliver to DFW area (or anywhere??). The key to this lease and all Toyotas

is US Bank, any dealer who doesn’t do USB leases can’t hit these numbers.

Reach out to Rowdy Rhyne! 903-946-0897 or
or the finance manager Chris Manley 903-577-7770. I gain nothing from this but I liked them.

MSRP: $51238
Monthly Payment: $422
Drive-Off Amount: $422
Annual Mileage:12k
Region: TX USA
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


not an expert, but did you take a look at October TOYOTA 2020 Highlander Xle hybrid $410 Tundra crew 345 2020 rav4 le $266 Tacoma $180! NATIONWIDE SHIPPING!
to see how it compares?

Or mine? That’s weird

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My region doesn’t do TSS but Derek at Dallas Toyota can beat their price by close to $1000!


Don’t get me all gassed up!

Competition is what keeps this site going. I want a race to the bottom with dealership pricing. That way everyone wins!


Except the people trying to make money at the dealer HAH.

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Yeah, I am salaried here guys. No commission for me.

If they’re selling cars they’re winning. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They wouldn’t be selling vehicles at this price if they weren’t profiting. This isn’t amazon…

I will keep the end of month guaranteed looser deals for myself then…

Did somebody say making net profit on a LH deal?

Some do, some don’t. Trust me, it happens

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“Heh. Profit, what the hell is that” - @ethanrs (2020).

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so what do you have compared to what OP got? I’m in Dallas area

DM me, please!