Toyota Tacoma Sport Deal

Looking for feedback on this offer in North Carolina-
2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab AT
38,732 msrp
6,800 discount
31,932 selling price
36X12 lease $281.16 SETF 76% residual

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Title says Tundra, quote says Tacoma.

Sorry my mistake it is a Tacoma

That discount sounds too good to be true. Does it include incentives? Have you priced it out at 24 months?

17.5% off even with incentives is nuts. The residual on a 24 month has to be 79 to 82%.

This is definitely possible. Check out
My deal where I got similar numbers.

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Next time just use this :taco:

You didn’t get 17% off…that’s a 10.5% deal

Dont forget MSDs. SETF allows max 10.

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@cheapdad00, @Jrouleau426 I just spoke with the finance director at one of the dealerships in Charleston SC and he told me MSDs are not a thing anymore and that he would not even entertain the idea anymore. He said two years ago the banks stopped taking MSDs to lower MF and its only used for people with subpar credit to get approved. He also told me that hes been in the industry for many years and that I have wrong information(Which I highly doubt from the caliber of members on this site)

Well he’s lying.

I wouldn’t do business with him


I agree, find another dealer. The 2 Toyota dealers I dealt with in NC had to go ask the MSD question to multiple people to confirm they could do it.

Also, one of them was already using some internal “MSD-like” coupons to bring MF down on their best quote, so when I came in and said I want the quote you gave me and then apply MSDs to it, it presented an issue that almost torpedoed the deal.

Thanks @Bostoncarconcierge, @cheapdad00 Im running into that now, I had 12.3% off the MSRP which is ridiculous! Then when I said I wanted to use MSDs the deal went south quickly. I called the finance director this morning and he made it seem like I was trying to circumvent the system and he said his owner(Rick Hendrick) would not approve of them doing business like that. So off the the next dealer I go although I really liked the truck I was working the deal on had everything I wanted. By the way you guys are great here, I have been following for about six months and there a plethora of knowledge on here.

I think Rick Hendrick has enough money where he couldn’t give a crap lol

What a lame dealer!

Could be time to find a cheap one way airline ticket, and then stop by this dealer and show them your new ride!

@joeblogs You know I have that thought in the back of my head. Or see if this NC dealer can pull the truck I was working on in Charleston to Concord,NC and make the deal happen there. And then my conscience steps in and says its it really worth the the 7 miles to prove the finance director wrong. @RobC2 I saw you bought from Hendrick back in April so lets see if they can pull this one off.

TFS advertises MSD and 1 Pay lease options.

Thanks @Mule65, they had an excuse that the bank does not allow MSDs due to the low interest rates and that TFS is different than SETF. I called a dealership in Charlotte that says they will be able to structure a deal with MSDs which is also in the SETF region. I dont think they wanted to admit their ignorance to dealing with MSDs and used the excuse that the banks dont allow it anymore, which is completely bogus. So I have moved on to other dealers that are willing to give it a shot.

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Do you have any examples of TRD Pro Tundra lease deals?