Toyota Tacoma SoCal insider?

Lurking on here for a while,Just leased a '17 Jeep Wangler, and it was totaled in a nasty accident…
I saw there was a chevy insider on here to help. Looking into a Tacoma or a Colorado, but leaning towards the Tacoma most…

Do we have a sales rep working with us available in SoCal. Im in San Diego, but willing to travel wherever.

@Cody_Carter is your man, but the Tacoma will not lease that great with TFS.

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is that the only option in SoCal?
I had US Bank with my Jeep. Let me tell you N I G H T M A R E when it was totaled. I have not had a car since Jan 30th, 2018 to put things into perspective on how terrible their system is.

Is there a spec tacoma you are interested in? I can help run some numbers.

yes sir.
TRD Sport. I want the quicksand with premium package( leather interior is what i want) , but apparently that does not exist for some odd reason?

Anyways open to
black/Cement: TRD Sport 5’ bed with leather interior
quicksand: TRD Sport 5’ bed leather if possible, if not no package.

Is your nightmare with US Bank or the insurance company?

I don’t know of any Toyota dealers in SoCal that uses anyone but TFS.

US Bank is the culprit… My insurance tried to satisfy my lease/loan the day of the accident… US Bank required a book of paperwork to be filled out by the insurance company, and a 5business day lead time to process… and guess what they lost it even though I confirmed receipt. So we had to re-send and restart the counter And they wont accept e-transfer for the payoff…they have to have a paper check. They are crappy

Anything with the leather package is going to be super tough. I can try to help but the director doesnt like me blowing them out. I have a Cement coming that I am having shipped from New Mexico but MSRP is the best on that one. Let me see if I can find a black or Quicksand.

If the premium package is a no-go ill hear what you can do on just the TRD Sport 5’ bed 4x2/4x4 in quicksand. that would be my #1 , if not black and cement. They all have moonroofs, correct? all the ones I test drove did, but was not sure it was a special package or whatever.

Just did a search for all 3 colors… less than 5 in the state.

Here is what I can do on this. If you go without the Leather Package I can do better.

MSRP is $41,942.00
Sale Price is $40,319.67
Invoice is $39,319.67
MF 0.0024
Residual is $31,037.00

$1129.85 drive off
$451.14 plus tax

If you have previous TFS history MF drops to 0.0023

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Moonroof is only part of the premium package now. It used to be the tech package but now that is only blind spot and sonar.