Toyota payoff with MSDs - what’s the price?

I leased my Highlander back in 2019 and put $3k in MSDs. I contacted TFS to see whether the payoff price includes MSDs and they replied that it does not include my MSDs.

Simple but still confusing. Say the payoff is $24k, how much would I need to pay if I were to buy the car? Not sure if it’s $24k, $21k ($24k - $3k) or perhaps $27k?

MSD is completely separate from the payoff. You will get a check for the MSD

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Right, it’s separate. So if I buy at $24k and they send me a check for $3k, I can think of the payoff as being $21k, right? This helps when thinking of selling to 3rd party like Carvana, unless I’m missing something.

Wrong. You put the $3k down as MSDs expecting to get the $3k back — it’s not part of the asset value.

They are completely separate so your payoff is what it is and you will get your MSD back as a check