Toyota MSDs possible on Tier1+ credit?

Is it possible to use MSDs on Tier 1+ credit?

I was given a MF of 0.00155 and I asked to do 9 MSDs.
Dealer said it was not possible to do that because the .00155 was the “Special RCF”
Instead, they said MSDs could only be applied to the “Standard RCF” of 0.00255

Is that true?

These Special/Standard RCF values came from the Toyota dealer daily portal.

It has nothing to do with being Tier1+. TFS doesn’t allow MSDs on subverted MFs.

Edit: I take back what I said about subverted MF and MSDs. Subverted MF can’t be used with rebates. The dealer probably just wants to markup the MF.

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Do you know if they allow it on the one pay MF of .00165?

One-pay should reduce your MF by .001.

Generally you can’t use one pay AND MSDs

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Thank you
So does that mean that the dealer should be able to do MSDs on the “Special RCF” of 0.00155?
Is there any documentation I could refer to if they say it is impossible?

I am in Las Vegas and feel this is a tough market to get a deal. Lots of brokers/dealer-reps on this website post deals for CA but write they cannot support out of state leases.

You can do MSD on special rate


As long as the MF is over .00008 (M)SD can be used.


Thank you for the information. Was difficult for me to find info on Google about this and I am grateful for the responses of the members here.
@Cody_Carter I saw your main thread and wish we had a clone of you here in NV!

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Another member from Las Vegas and can’t find good deals. @Cody_Carter no love for NV??

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