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Working on 2021 Highlander lease. MF is a bit higher in my region through TFS. Can I ask the dealership to finance through Ally. They are participating dealer for Ally. Does Ally allow MSDS on Toyota?

Also, any way I can confirm Ally rates besides the dealer? From what I was able to gather Ally is +3% on residual

Thank you

3% Better on Residual or worse?

No and no MSDs on Ally



Don’t remember if they post it on their website :man_shrugging:… someone shared screenshots before

You can’t ask the Toyota dealership to have the customer lease with Ally, if they don’t have Ally as their lessor

3 percent better. 66 vs 69%

The specific dealer was listed as a partnering dealership for Ally. But I have read in previous threads that even if dealers are listed with Ally, they don’t like working with them for w.e reason.

Listed where? Might be incorrect or out of date.

3% better is not that good for Ally. They APR% is very high so it probably won’t make sense with only a 3% residual difference

A lot of Ally Dealers are Purchase dealers and it won’t tell you if they actually offer their lease programs.

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