Toyota lease best price?

So This would be my first lease. I would like to lease the 2018 Toyota LE, sign and drive $0 down, 36 month 12k miles per year. The finance manger offered me 249-259 including taxes and fees but it doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. when i walked away, he then said best and final would be 229 however he didn’t provide me with the quote. below is the breakdown quote for the 249-259 payments. can someone review and let me know if this was a good deal or pretty standard? I also received an insurance quote and the quote came to 247 a month on a Toyota. is the Toyota a good deal? or should i bother wasting more time on a better car? what would be a great deal to take on a toyota?`

msrp 20,154.00
savings 1,530.84
cap cost 18,623.16
sales tax 527.40
bank acq fee 650.00
dealer/state fees 634.00
total price 20,434.56
rebate 1,250.00
net residual 10,480.00
drive off 1,250.00

A Toyota LE? What model? And what Honda are you comparing it to?

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And what is the actual question here?

sorry i mistakenly submitted the “statement” submitted without finishing my question. i hope it’s clear now.

so i decided to not get the Honda because they weren’t willing to reason with me. So i finished my original question. I hope you can review.

sorry i mistakenly submitted the “statement” submitted without finishing my question. i hope it’s clear now.

The Honda LX is a much better deal. Cheaper than your quoted deal.


I can get you a corolla for less than $200 a month… SoCal

Yeah but the Chevy LT is around the same price with more features.

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The Nissan SV will be cheaper than both.

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what models are everyone talking about. epic

I’m in Mass… thanks though

What would be a great deal on the Honda lx? How much monthly without anything down?

Can’t beat the Chevy LS this month!


So update… Honda offered me 189 per month, zero down, on the Honda Fit sport. Is that a good offer? What do you guys think?

Nice roomy car. Sounds like a great deal on it if it’s sign and drive or with minimal due at signing ($500 or less)