Toyota Highlander XLE - Northeast(MA) $368

How is this deal, valid till 01/31

Dealer Price: $41,829.00

36 months, 12000

option #1 : $325 + standard Toyota Start up cost of $1189 down ( $650 Toyota Acquisition fee, $404 doc and title fee, $135 for new plates) , registration included

option # 2 : $347/month (adding startup cost to monthly payment) + taxes

option #3: $368 inclusive of taxes, sign and drive

is a good deal for a SUV with 3rd row… or do you think I can get better (may be some other brand)?

This looks like a solid deal to me.

Finally bought RAV4 XLE + premium plus package + heated front seats + gap insurance for $202.34 for 24 months, 12000. (All inclusive + first payment)

Same dealer offered to better the deal listed above and gave the final price of $355 for highlander XLE (all inclusive of taxes fees and 1st payment) for 36 months/12000