Toyota Highlander XLE AWD under $400


In my region, it’s pretty hard to get a decent deal. I live in Northwest area (Idaho).

I’ve been communicating with Toyota dealership, and they offered $309/per month with $3,599 down payment. My target price is $360-$370 including everything, tax, doc fee, acquisition fee, etc. Do you think it’s feasible? And what should I do to achieve what I do? Or does this price look good to you?

i signed a deal in NY today for XLE captain chairs 399 with only first month down. I’m not a huge researcher and don’t have so much time but from the couple of places i called ,it seemed like a really terrific deal. closest i found to it was 420. again I’m a newbie and wouldnt say i was looking to kill the deal

How much is all that?

Hmm I don’t know. It has a 6% sales tax. Sounds like the dealership is trying to break the record, as the son of the previous owner took it over the store; the representative said that they could do the better deal than that. I am really hoping that I can get the car under $370/month everything.

Could you please PM the dealer Info. I’m also looking for XLE

Don’t forget you can do MSD and bring the price down another 20-30 dollars a month. I would push them for 399 all inclusive (tax etc) and then do 6 MSD to get around 360 a month …

Can you please PM dealer details? Thanks.

We need more information to properly assess the deal. What’s the MSRP? The sales price of the vehicle after discounts? The RV? The MF being offered to you? The term of the lease and mileage?

We could say the deal looks good, but it’s a 48 month lease with 10K miles a year, and it’s actually horrible… but we don’t know, because we don’t have the information.

FYI, I got my Highlander Limited with 12K/36 with $2500 negative equity rolled in, at $505 a month including taxes. I paid Registration, Doc fee, and Destination fee up front. Mine was an executive demo with a few thousand miles on it. My payment without the negative equity from my previous vehicle would’ve been $440 a month on a limited with 12K miles.

I know it’s an LE but for reference my local dealer (NYS taxes and fees included) with only 1st payment DAS.

Thanks! Finally I got a deal on XLE AWD for $399 with no down. I am happy with the deal!