Toyota Highlander XLE AWD $331+Tax First Month Payment + 9 MSDs DAS Signed!


Hello Hackers,

Thanks to this great community, Signing another deal for a 3 row SUV.

Highlander XLE AWD with Roof bars, Floor Mats Package(Dealer had some additional items like tint, Nitro Air, Door Safety, Cup holders for free but not added to MSRP).
MSRP: $42594
Selling Price: $37390.25 (AddedDoc Fee $499, DMV $29.25 and TPF - $185)
Negotiated Price was: 36677 (Rolled the above fees into this)
MF: 0.00085
Residual: 62%
LH Score: 10.4 Years
9 MSDs($3375) and First Month payment($359) DAS

Toyota Also has 2 Years 25k Miles free maintenance program :slight_smile:

How did I fare? Had to put in lot of negotiations to get the price down (getting quotes from different dealers). Negotiated the price before hand and rolled the Doc fee in the dealership…


Looks pretty legit to me, you getting gap through your insurance?


Thanks. Do you mean gap insurance in case totaled? I did not. They pushed for the maintenance plan though. Even though Toyota has 2 years free maintenance they mentioned that 30k miles service is must and it will be $520 or so and offered for $300 or so. I had gone for it, as the deal was good and I don’t have to worry about anything else. Signed the deal overnight and picking it up later today as it was little late yesterday.
In effective, including everything, it came out $349 incl tax. I put down the Doc fee and TPF also upfront to make the payment around 350.


Yeah Toyota’s don’t have gap so you might want to call your insurance and add it. Just do an oil change at 30k, skip the overpriced service which usually consists of allot of inspections and maybe a cabin filter change

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Oh is it? When I asked the finance guy he told me like it is mandatory to do the recommended 30k service even if I did not hit 30k by end of the lease and they will charge, if I did not do the service. SO I kind of fallen for the trap. dang it!


Toyota Financial Services won’t charge you. That’s BS. Ask if you can get GAP insurance for whatever they charged for the service instead

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Ha, what a liar. That’s a new one, pretty amazing what those F&I guys will say. I had one try to tell me that VW is really tough on wear and tear and that he even gets the W&T coverage on his own lease, those guys are always trying to put the guilt trip on you. Oh and both my VW lease returns had no charges, scammer


Yeah I agree with this, unless the gap is grossly overpriced, drop the maintenance. But still call your insurance, their gap might be cheaper


Oh ok, Thanks guys. I signed the lease already and only delivery is pending. Do you think they will consider a change?


It’s worth asking. What do you have to lose. Especially if you are going from maintenance to GAP they still profit


Oh ok. Sure will ask them about it.


You can always call their bluff, could probably cancel the prepaid service anyway.


These are the numbers Im waiting. Just waiting for Cody to do his magic


Don’t buy GAP from Toyota, it’s way overpriced.


Thank you all. I was able to return the service protection plan and no hassle. He said that the refund will happen towards end of the lease as adjustment or something and not as instant refund to my CC. I signed a paperwork to confirm the cancellation and handed over the maintenance contract back and he put them along with my other paperwork.

You were right. The gap insurance was like 895 or something. Crazy. My insurance asked for extra $11 bucks for this for 6 months. I will get it from insurance. Also is this required for my another BMW X2 loaner? I dint get it for the other one too.


If I’m not mistaken, the vast majority of leases have gap built in standard, and Toyota is one of few exceptions.

I could be wrong on that.



Like… 3 yrs from now?


Yes, that’s what he told me unless he was wrong and Toyota sends me a check or refund my credit card(I had paid some fees upfront which can be refunded to my credit card). Donno :frowning:


That is great deal in my opinion. No, Toyota doesn’t have GAP included. Their own is very expensive, add it to your regular insurance, should be in the range of $30 for 6-months max. With that kind of discount and the way these cars hold their value you’ll be probably able to drop the GAP insurance in about a year, year and a half max.


The bimmer includes gap, Toyota is like the only mainstream make that doesn’t include it, cheap bastards. It’s probably just more hassle for them, I’m assuming some large group of dealers like it because it’s a profit center.