Toyota Has Sold a Lot of EVs, the $7500 ramp down has begun Plus Lexus

I guess for those of you looking for a bZ4x it’s gonna cost you more.
It’s now going to be $3750 and there is 12 months left on the clock.
Prius and Rav 4 PHEV is also at 50% now.
I ASSUME it starts 8/1 as the IRS has not certified it yet.
Edit : A later post said either 10/1 or 1/1 (Quarter system)

Doesn’t it charge about as slow as a Bolt?


Credits don’t lower that fast. Buyers would still qualify for the full tax credit until the end of this quarter.


And the wheels fall off too. The guy who does the bolt tightening has been working from home.


Crap I wish I had ordered that prime in January instead of a week ago. Tbh I will have a hard time spending almost $50k on a rav4 by the time it comes in :sweat_smile:

I’ve heard chatter about extending the credits for a long time. Not holding my breath.

Don’t get a rav4 prime if the credit is gone, especially the XSE. Consider a x5 45e.


I agree with this and have been steering people away from waiting for primes. Wait is 6-9 months at least now…

Hybrid rav seems like a better deal right now considering and they can be obtained within a month.

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The busy forks is a terrible choice even with the full rebate

No rebates on the regular hybrid, but it does get better mileage in gas mode than the prime. I recently bought a 2022 NX hybrid, and really like it, and am averaging 49 mpg in mostly city driving.

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Will toyota lower its MSRP?

No. They are selling all the EVs they can make, many at over MSRP.


Doubtful, they don’t need to rebate to sell cars.

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I feel like the threshold should be extended for every new ev car they release. Like adding the Bz43sxt32d should add like 50,000 more units or make them exclusive to that model.

Well if you have a direct line to Joe Manchin, you can ask him to release his hold on the bill and make those changes :slight_smile:

Otherwise, $7500 is here to stay, except for GM,Tesla, and now Toyota

Yeah we are picking up a hybrid xse this month, though if my wife didn’t want it I’d not do it. Not really excited about it :upside_down_face:

Although I’ve made use of this credit I really agree with its detractors. It goes primarily to wealthy people. It was never done properly; tesla should never have been getting it on $80k cars that’s really silly. If the federal gov implemented it with an aggressive MSRP limit like NY State does it would truly create a proliferation of EVs, but tesla in particular blew through all their credits on very expensive cars, using it to offset luxury grade pricing.


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Yup and I saw this on the website.
Toyota will start phase down on 10/1/22 as well as Lexus. (I forgot about them as they didn’t have an PHEV until this year)
I don’t see the Bz4x, but should be there as well.