Toyota Financial dealer buyout number

Is there a way to find out the dealer buyout number on the Toyota Financial website? It appears to only show my buyout number. Calling them is a hassle (long wait times) so wondering if anyone knows a trick for the website. Thanks.

Dealer buyout was same as on the site.

So there is only one buyout number that applies regardless of who buys?

The number on site didn’t include taxes etc. they would have to be added to the number on the site If a non dealer was purchasing the car.

Sorry I am a little slow with this. I am negotiating a lease deal. I am happy with the deal. My turn in has positive equity. I negotiated that deal separately. The dealer offered me a couple thousand over what Toyota Financial has as the buyout price (they beat Vroom by a few hundred dollars).

My preference is for the dealer to cut me a check vs. working it into the new lease deal. Will the dealer need to pay taxes on the buy, thus reducing my profit so to speak?

No the dealer doesn’t pay taxes. They would pay the price on the site. You would get the positive equity ie. diff between dealer offer and buyout. Do not cloud the deal if getting another vehicle. Keep the Transactions separate.

Great thanks. Yes I negotiated the lease deal before even mentioning i had a turn in. I am very comfortable with the lease number so would prefer to have the cash on the turn in deal. Does it matter if the dealership is not Toyota in terms of the no tax?