Toyota Corolla SE

2017 Toyota Corolla SE:
MSRP: $22728
Sell Price: $20445
Taxes: $1259.42
Doc Fee: $799
Tag Trans: $298.75
Total Price: $$22749

Residual: $14318 (61%)

$0: $309
$1000: $279
$1790: $249

I know this deal is terrible, I just wanted to share it with you guys. This is actually my first one. All suggestions are welcome.

Dealers here in South Florida are not good.

Thank you.

Why share terrible deals? This forum would be the biggest forum on the internet if everyone shared terrible deals they’ve received.


@Rejo ; the monthly on a Corolla SE with that MSRP should be approx +/- $160/mo including tax, $0 due at signing

Thank you for the positive comment. I will try to work on this quote and get it lower.

I’m confused, how does a $20k sell value with a $14k RV become a $300+ payment?

Serious question, as I am new to leasing, but the math just doesn’t make sense?

Money factor/ rent charge and no incentive . But that is awful

@StillLooking I know, I am new to this too. I am still dealing with this to see why. I’ll keep you posted on updates once I get a final word.


So far i got a quote for $250/month with $0 down (just first month). I am still waiting for the quote with the MSDs.

Thank you for reading.

How did it went Rejo?

I’m also thinking to lease SE but I’m in Northeast Ohio.
Dealer is giving me an initial quote without any negotiations $243/month with $0 down.
I need a co-signer, because I recently moved into US and I don’t have any credit scores yet.
So what do you think it will go for me?

Hey, how are you?

I did not end up going for any deal. Here in South Florida I did not get a good one. The cheapest was $249 with taxes with $1500 inception fees. I got lazy and stopped contacting dealers.

I hope you find a good one.

Take care.