Toyota Care Platinum Plus

Anyone took Toyota Care Platinum Plus package with their Toyota Lease? This is a protection package offered directly by Toyota Financial, covers wheels, tires and dings. I paid $640 ($18 per month for 36 months) but I have option to cancel within 30 days. I almost decided to cancel it but if anyone thinks it is worth it, let me know.

  • Platinum - Tire & Wheel only
  • Platinum Plus - Adds Paintless Dent Repair and Windshield Repair

if you have a history of not taking care of cars, if you street park in the city (especially where there’s bad weather), or if you park at work where things can happen then it’s worth considering. Otherwise it’s usually not

I usually take good care of cars and park on my drive way in summer. Garaged in winter. I drive few times a month to NJ, lot of pot holes :frowning:

I’m wondering the same thing! - I have just signed up for this on my new lease - $430 for 36 months.

All I can say is I’ve come out well ahead by declining all these over the years, and that includes driving on the moon crater otherwise known as the Tristate.

Any issues ? Anyone charge you for stuff ?

For $640, I would take my chances.

Curbed wheels are about a $100 a pop for mobile repair.

Scratches, Scuffs, large dents / holes, (in a bumper) that are excessive can be taken care of remotely as well, and run anywhere for $60 to about $250.

I do not have to worry about parking, or city potholes so much, as my drive is short, and parking is secure and covered. If you think these are going to be challenges for you, and don’t want to deal with the risk, then go for it. Otherwise, chances are pretty good it will be a lot less to just take care of it yourself before turn in.