Toyota Bonus Cash

Toyota Mountain Region, working on a 36/10 lease for a Tacoma SR. Being told by dealers that the $1,000 bonus cash can NOT be combined with the .00211 MF. Is this accurate?

That seems to be the case. Same thing I was told. My dealer ended up quoting US Bank

Not with TFS and subvented rates, need US Bank or Ally to use the cash or standard TFS rates

Groove or Mountain States are the only dealers that seem to be worth contacting, although you can try the others. MS was working with other banks but I heard they have stopped.


@Trbogolf What MF and RV did you get with USB?

@joeblogs Thanks, looks like I got some bad information.

@TR10 what kind of Tacoma? 2WD or 4WD?

Bonus cash is generally used for finance ONLY, not lease.

what are you being quoted as far as down payment and monthly payment?

Looking for 4WD

83 on 36/10k and if you are TMR, it’s probably 0.00105

Haven’t received actual quotes yet.

Are those USB numbers?

Yes, but the MF varies on region. I am in Central and the MF here is .00115

Much appreciated. I wish you did out of state deals! Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve flown into TX and driven home.

You are welcome. There is restriction of all Gulf State Toyota distributorship in Texas leasing out of state, apparently. Message or text me sometimes. Number is on my spreadsheet

I’m waiting on final information. What I have so far is TRD Off-Road double cab A/T
MSRP $40,343 (est, memory stinks)
Price $38,350 (before $1000 cash)
Resid $27,255
pmt $391/mo
due $835 (1st mo, dlr/lic fee and tax on rebate)

forgot, this is in Ohio