Tough market, need to lease anyway. Any recos


I am from NJ.
I need a 7 seater SUV for lease and from my research JGC L Altitude fits well for what i am looking for. I spoke to few dealers and visited one. They all are charging 2k to 5k premium on MSRP. This will be my first ever lease vehicle. If a dealer sells on MSRP deal looks good like ~550 (found from dealer website) however with premium it is going ~700. I owe a Hyundai Santa fe 2016, with trade in calculated by a dealer for 10k. I thought to do a custom but not sure how long it will take. I even checked tesla, if i place order today it will be deliver in May2022. I was doing research from last week of Aug, after meeting a dealer last Thursday i dropped the idea to get a lease, considering shortage and dealers willing to do whatever they like. But again from the last weekend, i feel the need to get a lease.

Please recommend a solution.

EDIT : Ended up getting Jeep GCL altitude for 500pm.

Talk to @clutch


You can also try CDJR Englewood Cliffs, I went there to try leasing regular GC and there was almost no stock , but they had a lot of L’s and were trying to push that one me, but without MSRP mark uo


thanks for the awesome information.

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Don’t put the trade in against the lease unless you have the MSD option to lower your MF.

Never ever put a down payment on a lease - you will never see it!


Why did you pick the worst time in the history of leasing to get your first lease?


Not saying this is the case for the OP in this thread, but I suspect people are reading mainstream news articles about leasing, positive lease equity and the used car market pricing bubble and assuming “leasing” is the new way to print money.

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Do you need one or do you want one?

Why do you feel the need?

Are you looking for a specific car or a specific payment?

Do you usually keep your cars beyond 5 years?

If you need a car, & don’t really have a reason to lease, try to buy it out instead of paying too much for a lease.


a growing family, 2 kids and grandparents.

need. bigger family.
specific car with good deal.
it happend to be beyond 5 years.
with 2 cars drive miles will be distributed. wih less driving lease feels to be good option.
if i sale the current suv (5 seater) and get the new suv (7 seater) then it might make more sense but the depriciation will be more.

Well base the decision on the buy price v total lease payment. Not driving mileage.

Get few quotes , work with broker to find out what’s possible right now. & Then compare.

That’s not a good thing when you trying to lease a vehicle.

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how much broker will charge

Talk to @Clutch And see what he will charge you.

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It’s not. Not with RVs and incentives in the toilet.

Buy a vehicle that was holding its value well even before the pandemic started. Highlander, Pilot, Telluride, etc.


You have multiple options,

Go to the marketplace here Marketplace

And research the car you are looking for & read thru the postings for different brokers & see how they work. Everyone works differently.

Make sure to look at both regional & national brokers.

Once you figure out which brokers you’d like to consider, research their reviews here

Or you can go with @Clutch who many have recommended here


buy or lease ? buy a new or used ?

Buy (cash or finance) brand new. Know what % discount to target. Some cars like the Telluride that target is 0, ie pay sticker with no markup.


After 5 years with low mileage you can still sell it and then lease . Hope by then Chip shortage is gone and no more Covid.

In my opinion leasing is not even an option when dealers are asking 5 to 8 percent over msrp.

Did you look into Pilot not sure how much they going for but not a bad SUV.

Under Market place a broker has Pilot touring 7/8 passengers AWD for less then 500 leased. Not sure how good is the inventory. In NJ/NY I think.


Oh em … you know.

This was just my situation. It sucked. Spent WAY too much time researching trying to find a deal and a car that fits our needs and tastes (myself and my wife’s).

We STRONGLY considered a Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland or Summit.
Let me tell you right now, leasing makes no sense on those. Purchase it or move on.
If you want to purchase it, you can find it under MSRP, just have to look hard.
I was going to purchase from clutch but the time to build grew too long and I could not wait that long for a custom build. They currently have MANY Limiteds and Altitudes. But the Overland is so dang nice. They didn’t have any at the time and locally I got 3-4k under MSRP in SoCal.

Other things we considered:

Mazda CX9 - decent lease, grand touring model only if needed a 7 seater (which we did) we liked it, almost went with it.

Subaru Ascent (different trims, different prices, looks cool but interior was not luxurious enough for me, but good value and leased ok)

Toyota 4 Runner (3rd row too tiny) and dated interior.

Acura MDX (3rd row too tiny)

Honda Pilot (decent all around, personally don’t like the new styling so didn’t even consider it this time around)

Hyundai Palisade limited and calligraphy trim are top end, nice inside, great value but I couldnt get past paying 45+ for a Hyundai. Found a dealer that would sell it to me for MSRP, markup round these parts is 2-8k

Kia Telluride - nice, plasticky like the Hyundai but nice and big inside like the palisade but 8-10k markup makes it 52-56K + tax LOL HELL NO!

Genesis GV80 - VERY NICE, can’t pay that much for a Hyundai but it was very nice. around 64K for a 7 seater (tech package + I believe they call it for a 7 seater) got it down to 58k but they don’t lease well.

Wait for the new Infinity QX60? looks nice and they are delivering now, had none last week even around these parts.

Audi Q7 - no deals, no cars, 3rd row too small.

Toyota Highlander - boring, slow, tiny 3rd row

I really liked the Jeep, if it were my primary car I would have bought it, but it was to be my wife’s and it was a bit too big for her. Very roomy inside. The most amazing audio I have ever heard in a vehicle (stock of course) and that was a huge deal to ME! The Mccintosh stereo sounded so damn good. Better than the Bowers and Wilkins upgraded stereo in the car we ultimately bought which has received many rave reviews. For the size it was right at the top of what we (wife) wanted, we didn’t want anything like a Tahoe, Expedition etc.

So what did we decide on?

Ultimately we went with a Volvo XC90 (2022) T8 Inscription. Its a plug in hybrid. Found a dealer who gave me a good price (relatively) and Volvo lets you put down up to 10 MSD so it made it a little more desirable to attain. The car is not perfect, wish it had more room and amenities but so far we are happy with it. Super nice car. There is a broker in your parts who had posted some nice deals, Italian sounding name I reckon…

Good luck and I hope you don’t spend as much time as I did trying to find a great deal, bc there are NONE.


brilliant summary. thanks.