Totaled my 17' Civic Si, I need a similar deal

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Last year I leased a '17 Civic Si (manual), I totaled it last month.Thankfully everyone is fine but I just got word that insurance intends to total it.

I need some new wheels. I am partial to sporty cars and a manual I find a must.

I forgot the exact details for my Civic lease but here is the summary:

15k miles @ $210 a month for 36 months. Paid Tax + fees upfront (I know!).

I would love to replicate this deal but unsure if I can be done this time around. If not, anyone have any opinions on similar cars for similar $? I can probably do without the 15k miles as I was under 12k on the 1 year anniversary of the deal.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am in the tri-state area.

Should be doable with a little bit down. some CA dealers are advertising $210/mo with 2399 down, so you can prob do better than that.

And maybe roll das into monthly if you can