Totaled lease - New car replacement insurance

Hi, I got a pretty good deal on an E-Tron lease deal in March. With today’s market and not being able to get anywhere close to that deal, what would happen if the E-Tron. I’m assuming that my lease would just be paid off and I’d have to go out and lease a new car with the current market conditions.

Is there any way to “protect” my current lease so that in case it’s totaled that I’d be able to get something close to the deal I have now? The only thing I can think of is new car replacement insurance, but I’m not sure how that works or even if it works for leases.

What you’re looking for isn’t really a thing.

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There’s been a lot of these “what if” posts. Search the forum. If your Etron gets totaled. The most you can hope for is they pay off your Etron lease. Don’t expect them to go out and find you another unicorn deal. Do expect them to make sure your premium is promptly paid when it is due.


Buy the car then get Liberty Mutual insurance.

Only have 6 months left to take advantage. Live by a snowy off ramp?

That isn’t going to make sure you get the same lease deal though

True. I first read through OP’s post I took it as having same car, not necessarily same deal.
@Sandiegosearch avoid snowy off ramps then. If car is dead so is your deal.

I guess you didn’t read the link you posted…

“Who’s it right for?
New Car Replacement coverage is recommended for customers insuring vehicles that are:
Less than one year old
Have less than 15,000 miles
Not a lease (includes motorcycles)”

Quote the whole thing and you’ll see I said buy it

it still doesn’t give OP the same lease deal…

Obviously not a solution

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Yep. Already figured out my mis-read

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No such insurance or product exists.

But might not be a bad idea to create one @trism ??

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