Topping off fuel/spillage

Was filling a rental out of state. Made a mistake propping up the fuel trigger with the gas cap because the ridges where the trigger was supposed to catch were missing. Wasn’t looking when fuel came gushing out. In CA the pumps shut off when they sense top-off, but apparently not all US pumps are set up that way. I would think, much as I made a mistake overriding the (apparently-intentional) missing ridges, the pumps should have an auto shutoff of some sort. In fact, had I hand my hand on the trigger the whole time, what would have happened then? Some gushing until I stopped squeezing?

All of them designed to shut off automatically until the auto shut off mechanism fails, thus the fail safe of removing the trigger bracket. When you holding the pump with your hand, you can feel a kickback and release it immediately. However, when you jam a gas cap there, it has no room for a kickback. Dumb, very dumb. You could’ve been sited or cause a fire. Hopefully you let someone know.

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Many times there is a procedure to cleanup as well. In some instances fire department is called for cleanup and you foot the bill.

I have seen many times at costco people would top of on purpose.

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In Massachusetts those clips were illegal until 2015.

One reason they legalized them is that it’s much more dangerous to jam something in the pump than use th clips.

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In our CA Costco, the clips are there, and the pump stops at top-off whether you are squeezing the trigger, jamming gas cap in there, or using the clip.

I did report it, tossed my fuel-soaked shoe, and grunted out of there.

All pumps should work like my local Costco, too many :man_red_haired: :woman:t2:‍🦰 and O-|-< out there with potential for disaster

Yeah if you travel around the US you’ll find otherwise. And if you are used to getting gas at Costco and fill up elsewhere you’ll see variation. I’ve been to non Costco pumps in Ca where it’s broken, as well as OH, WVA, VA, MD, DC, etc.

If the clip that keeps the pump going is broken, use your had and wait the 3 minutes. NEVER put anything in the handle, unless you want to end up throwing out your shoes.


You don’t need to throw out your shoes. Gasoline is volatile and will evaporate quickly in a few days with no trace.

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HaHa…I have to laugh at you because the clips are removed on purpose because you are supposed to pay attention when fueling your vehicle, not wander off while gasoline is flowing.

But I guess you are so smart you figured you could jam a gas cap in there and be good. Well you found out why they remove the clips, because of people like you!

Now you come on the internet and profess your ignorance.


It’s the modern chicken or the egg dilemma. If they have not removed the clips, we would not have people like him. :grin:

I guess I should clarify “people like him” I meant people that don’t pay attention when fueling their vehicle. The clips are removed as a sort of safety measure to insure people stand their with their hand on the pump so if something goes wrong they can let go immediately.

OP is actually “that guy” who “overrides” the safety measures and puts everyone at the station in jeopardy because he is too important or knows better than the safety measures and overrides them.

Nah, it’s just that a modern homosepien cannot handle standing outside for 5 minutes.

Well I had to tweet about where I was, take a selfie, wink at the babe across the aisle, finish my macho grande burrito (with guacamole surprise), and then check my email. Twice. How could I do that with one hand? “You people” have no sense of priorities.

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Was about to get on a plane. Not worth keeping the shoe(s) with that smell. Saved the pax from that as well.

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Well, actually, a modern homosepien can do that with one hand :grin:

That would have been epic if you did. I wonder how far you’d make it through the boarding process. :grin:

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