Top LeaseHackr Score Deals for November 2018

I think it would be good to see under the latest deals, verified deals with the best leasehackr score posted for the current month. So whenever you check you can see valid recent deals that are going on.
I would like to see what’s the best national & regional deals going on currently without having to sift as much through the forums. Just like Edmunds and carsdirect has.

Maybe just a short list of the top 5 vehicle lease deals of the month. The latest deal page goes back years which is good to read about.

Just an idea, maybe its already here but I missed it.

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A lot of program ended oct 31st and no one knows the deals yet on some brands.

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I think the idea has been discussed before and the consensus was the top deals will almost always be “unicorns” and very difficult to replicate. To find solid deals, look in the Share Deals section - usually you’ll find posts within a few replies which indicate the quality of the deal


Or just search “can you pm me the dealer details?” :joy:


That is true! :smile:

I like spreadsheet formats just to see what’s worth entertaining for me. I would be happy to see lease hacker deals like this or in a spreadsheet.

I am looking for just a spare car cheap lease, so its not like I have a check list of items. I just want to see if I can score a awesome lease deal. I have done well on my purchased vehicles. Hopefully they will do something.

Nissan Rouge Sport didn’t know even excited lol… Might look into this

The engine will be a bit of a dog in comparison to your existing cars, if that matters

Sure any car I get will be a dog… blahhh hate car shipping but love it at same time.

I just had a nissan rouge sport as a loaner vehicle… idk… I don’t like the cvt transmissions… Just feels weird when driving.

I grew up driving manual cars and love sporty shifts. But I have no problems with the cvt in our 2018 qx60 other than downshifting to slow down hill which hardly ever happens. It’s appropriate for a family road tripper / hauler

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I ended up picking up a qx60 yesterday, the lease deal was worth it because of the incentives. I wish I pushed the dealer to get me the all season mats and cargo mats bc the ones that are made to fit are expensive. Also I wish they came with free maintenance as BMW leases have.

Other than that so far I am happy with it.

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What kind of deal?

Did you ever score one of these? I share with you an interest in seeing a spreadsheet format displaying all the deals. I’m looking for a hacker of deal for a buddy who doesn’t care what type of car it is so long as it’s a deal.

Wouldn’t that be convenient that you don’t even have to do anything or read this forum at all and just receive everything neatly on a silver platter spreadsheet? I bet you’d love that…


I forget what site I saw this in, it was years ago and I believe it was a paid membership site…I think. I will look for it again and post it when I find it, if ever. I think it could easily be done here, it’s nothing more than good formatting then the challenge is good data, but I think a collective effort might work. I would chip in, I am sure many others would too.

I scored the qx60 deal, I got basically the same deal others were getting but I opted for the Infiniti protection plan as well. I referred 3 people for the same deal but I guess it’s a loss leader, apprently the dealer isnt making money at these prices on the qx60 and need them for just hitting their numbers of total units. I guess they are making GP on the cars in demand.

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