Top Deals of the Month

Hey everyone,

I’ve been wasting…er, spending a lot of time on this forum since I discovered it back in early June. Since then, I’ve seen some pretty amazing deals, and as a result, think I got a pretty amazing deal on my 17 E300 Loaner.

I also just saw someone get an amazing deal on a GX460. So it gave me an idea. Would it make sense, at the end of each month, to list the “Top Deals from June 2017”, etc. so that it’s sort of an archive of what amazing deals people on this forum got. And maybe the rules are such that:

  • you cannot nominate yourself
  • you must have a deal that is at some threshold, say 0.75% of MSRP is the top, or something
  • deals must be calculated with 0 due at signing, exclusive of MSDs where applicable

Might be a good way to track different manufacturers and deals, as well as recognize those on the forum that have super negotiating skills, coupled with the wealth of knowledge here, to score amazing hacks.



Seems like a good idea, but a bunch of people are going to just see the lowest price and then think that it can be applied to their car, even if they aren’t in the same month/year.

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Good point. People sort of already do that though right? :grinning:

they do but this would only make it worse, there are a ton of variables that play into getting a good price or not. Just yesterday, I was asked to find someone a lease on an e300 for 260 a month, they had no incentives.
Negotiation skills
willingness to work for a deal


This idea can bring positive and negative to this forum
It can be a nice and entertaining activity, but it can also attract a lot of unwanted attention to this place by SEO, of people thinking they can get the same deal anywhere and anytime.

My nomination for top deal
2017 Audi A6 2.0t Quattro
Tornado Gray Metallic
Black Inteior

Cold Weather Package
-Audi Protection Kit
-Audi Guard Wheel lock kit
Msrp - $52,240
Price Includes $1,000.00 loyalty and or conquest which ever applies
Applicable Conquest Cars- Bmw, Benz, Lexus, Acura & Infiniti Only

Audi Waiving First Month Payment

$385 Per Month 7,500 miles/36 months
Due at Singing - DMV, Bank Fee & Local Sales Tax

$399 Per Month 10,000 miles/36 months
Due at Singing - DMV, Bank Fee & Local Sales Tax

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Thanks @SnowMan. However, isn’t it not too dissimilar than the “Latest Deals” section on the main website? I am not certain who authors that, but this would just be crowdsourced.

And it would be actual closed deals, not examples of possible deals.

But your point is well taken.

Thanks @vhooloo.

Was this a deal that someone signed and would it have been for June?

My thought is that we don’t want to list “potential deals” or even “active deals”, but more of a look back at “actual deals” that hackrs here have scored.

And maybe we use the same format that is used for asking for feedback on deals (the template that lists all of the data points)?

Did someone hack @vhooloo? You’ve been posting the same Audi “deal” in every thread :slight_smile:


I think he’s going for high mileage on that post… :slight_smile:

It’s a good deal but, truth be told, I just negotiated an A6 2.0t Quattro with an MSRP of $55,440 for about $9 more per month. And I’m just some noob. So, while a very respectable quote, I don’t know if it qualifies as top deal of the month. :slight_smile:


An arbitrary threshold seems unnecessary, especially considering what % is good for SUVs is very different for sedans.

Don’t understand the 0 due part either, as I pay first month due at signing plus regulatory taxes and fees unless the MF is super low.

It proves the point that this A6 deal is readily available. 400 for a 54k car is a great deal. And Audi is higher up the chain than Volvo. So in my mind, luxury sedan deal is for once Audi A6. And we all know how poorly Audi leases generally, so it’s even more remarkable.

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I think the LH search tool does a pretty fair job of this already. And can sort the forum by most views, comments, etc. Plus, if deals are good enough, Michael dedicates a post to them anyway.

To be honest, I almost prefer making people search a little for answers first rather than serving things upfront like that – just because the easier you make it, the more stupid-proof the site becomes which will certainly change the dynamic a lot…

This is going to sound a little grouchy, but IMO we get enough dumb traffic as is from new visitors who are too lazy to read through the forums and want personalized answers for their stupid questions. By creating a “deal of the month” archive, imagine how many bozos we are going to see asking people to do legwork for them in order to duplicate past deals… it’s just going to inflate the site and kill the community with lazy newcomers rather than hackers.

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No I get it. The idea was more or less to recognize great hackrs on the board, those that either found a unicorn or created one.

But all of you bring up good points. We can just leave it to Michael.

Mods please close this thread.

i think its a good point. i started lurking a few months back when i first discover this site and i was reading hundreds of thread trying to understand more, i would agree making it too ez would make ppl not learn.