Took thisbdeal, 2017 mercedes e class, hope its good

Ended up with a 2017 e class 36 mth lease, 10k miles, premium 3 package, real leather seats, panoramic sunroof, upgraded paint, rear spoiler, etc. Etc. Was their showroom model. Msrp 68860.

First they offered me 875 for 36mths. I said no what’s the money factor (my credit score is 860s). They came back with 0.00189 as their “top level”.

I told them it should be much lower and I had quotes from other dealers for 0.0013 (which I did). They came back with 848. I still said no and that payment needed to be closer to 800. They said impossible. I walked out at 755, they close at 8pm. 2 min later get a phone call, guess what! They crunched numbers and got me to $814 a month all taxes included.

Originally I went in with a quote they had given me for 797, 48 mths, for a msrp 66k car.

I think I got a great deal after crunching more numbers last night, but still wondering if this deal could have been done for less than 800 a month. The numbers on the bill of sale and then the lease break down both have different numbers that don’t make sense…but my monthly lease payment is the same so I figured it was ok.

Also, dealer is delivering my car to my house today. Do I tip? They wouldn’t let me take last night because no one to detail it, so they suggested delivery.

Congrats. Walking out always work even if 5min left to close. Tipping is between you and driver, has nothing to do with dealer.

There is not enough detail there to determine if it was a good deal or not, we need msrp, sales price, money factor, down payment, and drive-offs. You broke rule number 1, don’t be a payment shopper. I will say this, an equivalent 5 series would have been about $200 a month cheaper. But you know what you got the car, if you are happy with the deal be happy with it. Any approval you receive from us will be much less rewarding than any criticism of the deal you negotiated.

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That’s good the bmw is less…except I didn’t want a bmw :slight_smile: This is my first time ever leasing so I do want criticism so I know how to improve on the next one! I did a lotnof research but still uncertain. Never once did I tell them what I wanted my monthly payment to be. Instead I negotiated sales price and money factor with them. Anytime they asked about monthly payment my response was, as low as I can get it.

Msrp 68860
Sales price 63035 (originally) but on another sheet it is 65k
Rv 62%
Money factor they SAID was .00139
Drive off was 1950k, included first month/downpayment and then all the fees

However, the numbers are all over the place. The sell price is different on the 2 separate forms. No clue where they got numbers from. Am I able to get out of the lease? I signed the paperwork but they have not given me the car yet or contacted me yet today to let me know when it’d be delivered so I’m a little annoyed.

My understand is that as long as they did not send the paperwork to the Financing company you can get out of it or change it. Once they send the paperwork the lease terms is fixed by stone. I have the same problem, signed a lease with 10K miles and picked up the car, then went to dealer next day and re-sign it for 12K miles.

Plug-in these numbers in the lease calculator and you will see how much it is off from what you have got.

“Never once did I tell them what I wanted my monthly payment to be”

“I still said no and that payment needed to be closer to 800”, so yeah you did.

For next time, you need to know base MF, the invoice price of the car you want, and any incentives available. From there you have enough information to determine what is a good deal and what is not before you sign the papers.

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In some states you have by law a few days to change your mind. This is why dealers do not send your paperwork to the financing company right away.

Why did you want to lease for 48 months? Based on the number here, this is just ok based on the national offer. It is not a leasehackr deal, it is just the offer you would get for E300 at any dealer. Enjoy the car.

I didn’t want a 48 mth, which is why I made them change it to 36. Had always told them 36 but they tried to slip that in there. Definitely have learned a lot from this first experience. Thought I was pretty prepared but see areas to improve on the next one for sure. They still have not responded to me when they will deliver my car so my experience so far is not very good!

Don’t worry about it. Enjoy the car lol. We all learn. I leased a RAM 1500 for 289 last month and this month it is 220. So we can always do better.

id say just enjoy the car, which is a great one btw, and learn for next time.

" (my credit score is 860s)", how can your score be 860 when the max is 850???

No clue. I saw the credit report that clearly said that number tho. When I look myself on my own score it’s usually 820 to 830.

That might not be a FICO score. There are dozen credit score types out there. If you mind, may I ask what do you do for living?

I’m in the medical field.

Got the car delivered tonight. Very disappointed. Red paint on the bumper (not sure where came from, it’s a white car), window tint peeling on a window. Footprints on inside of both front door panels. Car looking like it was driven through every mud puddle lol. No air fragrance in the dispenser. Brand new car that was sitting in show room.

So I guess no tip then…

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Looks like the delivery valet made sure he enjoyed the ride. Probably was doing 100 mph and donuts in the mud with the car.

Just kidding. Don’t worry about it doc. Enjoy the car. It’s a lease with warranty so enjoy. But do have someone take a look at the red paint on the bumper, you could get charged for that at lease retrun.