Took Delivery on 2019 X4 last week, curious how I did


2019 BMW X4 xdrive30i
MSRP: $56,945
Negative equity: $1300 (had 18 payments left on Grand Cherokee at $630/month)
Sale Price w/negative: $50,895
Mileage: 36/10
Down Payment: $3300
$577 monthly

What is the MF your paying? Did you use MSD’s and your drive-off is high; what did that cover?

Was it a demo or new? Your discount looks to be about 8% before you rolled in your negative equity. Did you get any incentives? How much?

Bottom line it’s not a bad deal but not a crazy good deal if it was new. If it’s a demo, that changes things…

How do you like the X4? Personally, I have a 18’ X5. I really enjoy it.

Enjoy the car!

MF was .00182, no MSD’s. That covered 1st Payment, security deposit, tax on down payment, license, title and documentation.

This was a new custom order that I configured from BMWUSA website. I know I got a $1000 conquest rebate not sure what else. I don’t have the papers in front of me, I’ll double check when I get off work.

I like love it so far, still learning a lot about it as the weather has been horrible here in Milwaukee the last week or so. I almost got an '18 X5 loaner (MSRP $63k discounted $53k for $590/mo) but it had 4k miles on it and I just didn’t want one with that many miles on it.

pretty good deal on a custom build, at least you didn’t get ripped off. I don’t know why but I really like those tail lights.

Man I haven’t been back to Milwaukee in like 10-15 years.

No MSDs yet you have a security deposit? That doesn’t make sense, MSDs ARE security deposits, and $3300 drive off is high. Security deposits are supposed to lower your interest/MF. Post up your lease contract with your private info blacked out if would like us to evaluate it. It sounds like you paid a cap reduction, which muddies the waters a bit. What was the RV? Did you get lease cash?