Too late for July deal?

What happened to July?? It is 28th of the month. I have a deal directly with a dealer (bad one actually even it was the best I got among dealers and among different cars…) and was about to sign for the car. I am getting cold feet - having major concerns over durability / trouble free driving of the car I picked based on known issues found in forum discussion. It doesn’t help I discovered LH and found amazing deals among the broker ads.

My question: is it possible to hustle and get a car done with a broker with good deals before 7/31 (if that’s important re incentives)? OR wait to have first pick of August deals like demo?

I am interested in SUV MB, Lexus, Acura, Volvo.

If I was still considering four brands, there’s no way I could wrap it up before July programs fade away.


Yea, I would not start emailing a bunch of brokers on various makes and models at the end of the month if you have no idea what you want. That’s just bad manners.

If you can quickly decide on a make/model (like, today) then you theoretically have time, no harm in asking. But you need to be ready to pull the trigger.

Also, since the 31st is on a Friday, you may have until Monday (Aug 3) to lock in any July programs. Just depends on the manufacturer, a dealer or broker can tell you for sure.

Fairpoints. Took me exploring 2-3 weeks narrowing from 4-5 cars to arrived at the one I was about to get, which weren’t even in my radar originally. Thought of being flexible / availability-based / deal-based would help.

I am ready to pull the trigger for a car. I literally was at the getting insurance stage.

If any of the models (Yes I have must-have spec and deal structure in mind, flexible on other things) come near or not much higher to my current deal, which I am seeing being possible per the deals listed in broker ad (Assuming they are solid and available!), I consider any of em very much a win. And I was doing research till 4am last night…

Contact the broker if you want to use their services. There’s no point in asking LH members to guess whether said broker can deliver a car before July programs expire. Or not.