To vroom or not to vroom (2020 c300)

Hi all.

I’m leasing a 2020 c300 amg (50k msrp). I’m 12 months into a 36/10 lease and paying 505 a month with 0 initially down about 4K in MSD. 7500 miles on it.

Long story short, Vroom is offering me 39.5K to buy out the lease. This number was as low as 33k 4-5 months ago. The outright buyout amount in MBFS is 40.5K. Im seeking advice on these scenarios…

1 - I buy the c300 outright to avoid payments the next 2 years (40.5k down , but save 12k in payments next 2 years). I could then hold/sell until I’m able to get a reasonable SUV deal, which is ultimately what I’ll need to do.

2 - I sell to vroom and it seems like I’d be losing 1k based on the vroom offer vs what Mercedes charges me to buy it outright. The only reason I would do this would be to then begin to patiently search for an SUV in the interim while eliminating payment stress.

3 - just keep making payments and carry on

Given where the market is at and used car pricing being sky high, this is more or less an opportunity to get out of the lease with minimal financial pain early on. I’m curious to hear thoughts of the pros here. If your 30-180 day goal was to get an SUV (but your not willing to overpay), what would you do? Would you buy it, sell it, or hold?

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