To Ship or Not To Ship, That is the Question

Hey Hackrs!

Thought I’d post my dilema and see if I can get some creative advice from some of you here…

We live in California and have a 2008 Accord with about 100K miles that we were planning to sell through Carvana/Vroom/etc… for ~$5K. At the same time, our daughter is a Junior in College in North Carolina living off-campus due to Covid and she could use a car there.

It would cost us ~$1,300 to ship the car from CA to NC. She would keep the car there for the remaining year and a half and then we would sell it there once she’s done. My guess is that all in, we would probably net about $1-2K after the sale.

Can you think of a better option to sell the Accord here in SoCal and lease a car in NC for two years? I was trying to find one of those Chevy Bolt deals in NC, but haven’t had success yet?

Any brokers doing business in NC?

Thanks in advance for your help!

That’s probably your best option in terms of money. Also consider in insurance costs as well if you’re gonna pay for her or is she gonna pay for herself.

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As a long time NC resident and leaser I can tell you the market here is not competitive. There is just not enough dealers or companies who own those dealers to find great deals. Usually you have to head/look out of state to get any great deals. VA and DC or further north is the closest most fertile ground for deals.

As for the Bolt deals those get to be such good deals because of state tax credits which we do not have in NC. Plus if your daughter is in an off campus rental where would she charge it?

I live in Chapel Hill(UNC) and there are some free charging points around town but the network here is nothing compared to CA when it comes to public charging network.

Also I think your accord would not really lose much value given the age and mileage. Around here old Honda’s worth a few thousand dollars tend to stay basically flat for years. They are like gold.

Your big cost is the shipping once and then it’s done. Hope this helps.

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Ship it or drive it over and fly back.

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