To sell or to keep? Honda Civic and Acura MDX

My dad and I are in a bit of a predicament.

Last year, in April 2019, he leased a Honda Civic LX for a decent payment ($0 Due at signing, 3 years, 15k miles per year for $227 per month including tax). He has about 31,500 miles on the car right now and Vroom is offering about $500 over payout right now.

He has checked with the dealer locally and they cannot replicate the deal.

Also have a 2020 Acura MDX Base FWD model. He got it in December for $0 drive off, 3 years, 15k miles per year and payment is about $430 per month including tax. Car is collecting dust sitting in the driveway and only has 8700 miles on it. Vroom is offering $1k over pay off.

Hard to replicate this deal as well.

We are contemplating getting rid of one of these and financing a new Mazda Cx5 or buying a used CRV.

Do you guys recommend keeping them though? It seems like car production is less and deals are not as aggressive?

Thanks in advance.

@Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto is a good honda broker.

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Civic looks like it’s trending over on miles, MDX maybe under? Why else is the Civic driven more? Gas mileage?

All things equal I would unload the Civic and keep the MDX. I would NOT unload both and lease something new, you’re probably drowning in transaction costs already.


You have to be way over mileage not to mention will be out of warranty soon/need new tires. Personally I would take this get out of jail free card. If used car prices normalize you’ll be kicking yourself.


actually, our last Civic we sold to Carmax (for $1k under), went up to 51k miles in 17 months and no warranty work nor tires changed. these cars are pretty trouble free.

As long as you understand the risk of leasing when you drive that many miles.

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Did I read this right? Poster has 2 Cars and one is hardly driven so he wants to sell it and get another Car?

Sell the civic, make a couple of $ and drive the MDX.


My dad is 62 and has a hard time managing to maneuver the MDX as it does not have parking sensors and the car is big for him.

I don’t have a problem with the MDX but due to COVID Much of my work will be from home.

Bye to civic and lease an accord LX instead as the civic won’t be replicated but accord lx would be good still little higher than ur civic payment but for a better car. Keep mdx.

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How much more per month am I looking at for an Accord LX?

Got it. How about an RDX (smaller, get beepers and 360 camera) and once you work best deal, see if that Acura dealer wants to buy one or both?

I don’t think the RDX will lease nearly as well as the MDX. I checked in December and the RDX was over $500 per month.

Depends on ur market but on my deals the Accord is $15 more monthly than civic if u qualify for loyalty or Conquest.

Base MDX is much cheaper than the RDX. Standard mf on RDX kills it. Atleast the MDX has massive rebates with std mf.

Of course it won’t

We have already established the MDX is too big. Parking beepers don’t make it smaller.


Is another lease worth it for Poster? If the numbers are right he was putting 25k yr on the lease precovid.

Thats what I was thinking. However, dad hates maintenance costs and likes changing cars quickly. We also have a 2012 Versa which he uses (has about 180k miles on it)

I would sell both and grab one of the cheap leases floating around.

thing is nothing seems cheap compared to what i have already.

Only if you have to have a Honda. You can get a Corolla for cheaper with MSDs and there was a Forte LXS one-pay for significantly lower effective monthly than the Civic. Also, Trax for even cheaper than that. But this assumes you have some flexibility in what you’re looking for.