!? To lease Or Stay With My Current Vehicle ?!?

Hello everyone,
First post. =)
So I’m looking to get into a lease to lower the payment of my current vehicle (14 Focus Se) which is close to 400. Still owe about 15k on the car (probably still under water). 0% APR on my deal if you’re wondering. It’s been 21 months, has 30k.

I want to know if I should lease or stay with my current car. I’m in Las Vegas, NV.
Cars I have my eye on:
• BMW i3 •Chevy Volt
• Or whatever is a good deal.

Let me know what you think.

Really comes down to what you can get for your focus…Generally speaking you start with a free CarMax appraisal, then look into other services, many major metros have “we beat CarMax by $XXX more”…Also beepi.com tends to usually offer more than CarMax, unsure if they service your area…

Most of the great EV/PHEV deals you see are coming from CARB states in which Cali is closest to you, lowest priced known deals are all the way to the coast, San Jose/Freemont or L.A., no idea if there’s a Cali dealer closer to Vegas…Another issue is the majority of the CARB states offer incentives in which many reported low deals are including into the price…

In the areas I mentioned it shouldn’t be too hard to lease a base Volt for $1500 down, $200/mo with 15k/year…Agree to the price without mentioning the trade in…Once the price is agreed upon, say you wanted to entertain the idea of trading in if they can beat the CarMax offer…You can only be “under water” by so much and idk how much your focus is worth but perhaps you can get away with $1500 down and $250/mo

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This is off topic but, would Cali dealerships still offer incentives to me if I’m not a Cali resident?

If you’re a resident of Cali, they will send you a check 6ish weeks later for $1500 (however the funding has run out and they expect it come soon)…You do not get it if you are not a resident…

There is a $1000 off private offer that can be obtained, usually the 3rd Thursday of the month…

Nope. Won’t be able to get the additional leash cash ($2,250) available in Cali and other CARB states, so that’s $2,250 out the window for you unfortunately. Being in NV, any lease deal on a Volt will automatically be at least $63/month more than the same deal in Cali.

you are making sizable monthly payments on this car so you’re paying it down quite a bit with every payment. If you’re just slightly upside down i would keep driving it and make payments until you can get out and not be upside down as long as the car is still under warranty. Also take insurance savings into account. I believe on a lease they might require you to have more insurance coverage than if you own the car.

I also think driving it for 3 more years until you own it free and clear is the best option.