To buy used or lease an RX

So thinking again about an RX. A few months I looked into leasing one. MSRP was around 53k and the lease was around $520 for 36/15. It looks like leases might be a bit better now. I also have noticed you can buy a 2016 with less than 20k miles for about $39k well equipped. I’m not sure how much discount there is in a used 2016 model. Purchasing would be a longer term thing, and not worrying about miles is a plus. For a Lexus, long term doesn’t scare me. BMW, Benz or Aidi I’d lease for sure.
Pros and cons?

2016 GS fsport with 14k miles brings 38k at wholesale dealer trade in with 58k msrp.

Wholesale on the RX should be about the same plus 10% for retail markup. 53k -> 33k + 10% = 37k OTD plus taxes. 20k is a bit high for that new of a car so take off 1-2k so 35k plus tax is target price IMO

Body style is different 16 to 18.

2016+ RX350 has not changed at all yet. 2018 isn’t out, but it’s doubtful it would be changed.

today’s cars have so much electronics in them, they will fail sooner or later and they cost a lot to replace. So unless you get some sort of extended warranty i wouldn’t consider buying, even a lexus or toyota.

I think RX F-Sport holds value much better than the GS. The 2017 I leased last Dec (MSRP of $59274) had an RV of ~$38k after 3 years and 36k miles. I don’t know if Lexus inflates RV though.

Thanks for the response Phantomcypher. I think it will take some strong negotiation to get them from $39kto $35k. So may have to offer $34k to end up st $35k or so.

I’ve heard nothing but good stuff from Toyota and Lexus. Do you some sort of source for your comment? Or is it just speculative opinion?

it’s no speculation, its common sense. Cars are mechanical items that have wear and tear and will break. Some sooner, other later but they will break. Today’s cars are crammed with electronic gadgets. A lot more than in the past so more things can and will break. Sure a toyota product will last a little longer than a chrysler product, but they will break eventually and they’re no easy fixes anymore.

I don’t necessarily agree. T

he Lexus SC400 from the 90s was jam packed with electronics for the first time. Dash, climate control audio and on it goes. Here we are today much better for the fore running of the earlier Lexus cars.

Lexus/Toyota have always been at the top of reliability charts. Sure the SC400 had a lot of electronics, but nothing in comparison with what we have today. Touch screen, bluetooth, wireless internet, air conditioned seats, massage seats, navigation, HUD, the list goes on and on. Sure the cars keep running but the cost of fixing these things that will eventually go bad are high. Labor is expensive, the parts are expensive and they’re often times hard to get to. Im having problems with my Idrive screen on my BMW. Service is telling me that they’ve being replaced a lot now because of heat. The sun in FL hits the dashboard all day long and eventually “fries” (or call it whatever you want) the electronics of the screen.
Sure it’s not a Lexus, but that can happen with any brand. I guarantee you that replacing this part would be $$$$$ if it wasnt for warranty. Which is the whole point I’m trying to make.

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The problem with the 2016 RX is that it doesn’t include a lot of the safety features the 2017 has standard. Adaptive cruise control, pre-collision alert and so much more were options on the 2016. The RX is honestly the only car I’d ever consider buying (well and the ES) because they’re basically bulletproof and age gracefully. If you want to buy, I’d get a cheap 2014 and keep that for a bit and then upgrade to the 2017 in a few years.

Everything with lexus is inflated, especially MSRP. Going off on a tangent, but 100k for a LX570. Seriously?!

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Has anyone found any RX loaners?

He doesn’t understand the meaning of speculation or common sense. To answer your actual question, he’s merely speculating.

Yea, I figured that. He had answered my questing by not answering it.