Title, Registration & License Fee Discrepancy

Hey Everyone,

I finally received my registration following the delays with COVID 19 and I’m noticing some discrepancies between what was paid to the dealer and the cost from the Indiana BMV.
Some details:

State of Purchase: Illinois
State of Registration/Residence: Indiana

Fees Collected at Dealer:

Title Fees: $845.02
Registration Fees: $0
License (Written into a blank field): $170

DOC FEE (Written into a blank field): $300 (Illinois Max)

Indiana BMV Registration:

Title Fees: $15
Registration Fees: $21.35
Excise Tax (Part of Registration): $625.34
License Fee: Doesn’t seem to exist

Based upon my calculations the dealer collected $1,015.02 related to title/registration/license. However, the Indiana BMV only shows title/registration/excise tax totaling $661.69. Taking me to a difference of $353.33.

I wanted to know if anyone here has experienced this or if maybe I’m not considering some fees that are rolled in. I want to make sure I understand this before I go demanding a refund for the difference?

Side note - What the heck could the license fee be for specifically?

I’ve had this happen before, and I received a check in the mail a few weeks later with the difference. If you’re worried about it, you can always call the dealer to ask.

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I know a few dealerships use outside/third party companies to register out of state that ranges between $200-400 extra that could be it

My experience:

Thanks for sharing @trism. Based on my interactions with the dealer I assume I’ll have to follow-up as I don’t expect them to volunteer the $300+.

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