Tire type - Lease return

My Infiniti Lease is ending soon and I was wondering if during the lease return inspection they care what type of tires or on the car? I will put new tires on but dont want to spend money on flat run tires. I dont want again another infiniti, otherwise I know they would be super generous.

thanks in advance for your answer.

If they came with run flats from the factory, then run flats need to go back on. Doesn’t necessarily have to be the same brand, but dimensions and ratings need to be the same. Otherwise it’s $300-400 a pop…

If you search on the forum, other members have suggested places to get used tires.

I think if the car originally had run flats you are required to turn it in with run flats. Doesn’t seem like Infiniti could retail the car with the improper tires based on what the manufacturer suggests is correct for that vehicle.

Essentially if you return it without the run flats you have not returned the car with the original equipment.

Likely they will also require a matching set of ‘comparable to OEM’ spec. Speed rating, size etc.

The exact language is likely listed in your lease agreement somewhere.