Tire and Wheel Warranty


Over the last few years, my Mrs. has become a nail magnet. As a result, we have had 2-5 flats a year and have had to change tires twice already. I recently just leased a BMW X5 for 12k/36. Any suggestions on where I should get the TIre and Wheel Warranty. BMW charges well over $1k for this but I have seen quotes for as low as $500!

Any tips and insights are greatly appreciated.

AFAIK, If you don’t buy it from the dealership direct, you’re SOL on the Tire + Wheel warranty.

SOL? Please explain.

Shit Outta Luck…SOL.

In other words, AFAIK, most (if not all) of these companies that offer these service contracts work directly through the dealership or tire place (should you be buying a set of tires at the local Goodyear). You can’t just call them up and say “Hey, I want your product.”

That said, you can negotiate that 1k the dealer is asking for. How much lower they’re willing to go is the question.

I got my lease through a consolidator. I walked into another Dealership and they said they would sell me the warrantyt!

Right…you have to work through the dealership direct.

So the question really is, what is the reasonable price to pray for this?

You may be able to buy it from a different dealership though. I would check or get that verified.

When I had an infiniti they offered me an extended service contract for $1800. I ended up getting it for much less. I forgot the exact amount but I asked around in an infiniti forum and I was given info on who had the cheapest. Called them up and very easy and no pressure.

Good to know. I am currently asking around other dealerships to see if I can get the Wheel and and Tire from places other than BMW.

Sorry asimraza. I didn’t communicate well. You would still have to get it from bmw. Just not that bmw dealership. Some dealerships mark it up a lot. Some sell it closer to cost price. You should call around or join the binmerworld forum and ask around there.

I actually ended up getting it from a local ford Dealer which was $400 cheaper!

third party warranty companies (non-OEM) are very risky. what company is your policy with? did you read the fine print? hopefully not money down the drain

Hi @tonyg2017. The insurance is actually through All State! The dealer also verified with All State if he can sell me that insurance even though I didnt buy the car from them and they said it’s fine!