Tips on responses to - "What monthly payment are you looking to achieve?"

Fair point. We can’t all juggle the numbers while playing nice with the sales staff. :slight_smile:

Attitude of course goes a long way!

Sorry bruh no vacuums in the 22 Elites.

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It’s a screening question to make sure you aren’t a low baller like Hondasocal said.

I think the proper response is “I’ve already done my research on this vehicle and know what’s achievable/realistic” then go back to your main question


That’s because people negotiating the monthly frequently ignore the second paragraph


While more time consuming I find value in asking for the pre-incentive selling price before I ask for anything else. I may not even mention leasing at all until I need to tip my hand. Once I get a number out of them I will counter with the number I want and present an estimated lease deal based on that number. It’s even possible that their selling price may be more aggressive than what I was shooting for, it’s happened to me before. When I was shopping for my Volt I was aiming for 10% off and the sales manager offered me 14% without negotiations. I called them right away and hammered everything else out over the phone. Personally I like to allow the dealer to establish the ceiling so I know how far we have to go before we reach the floor. In the case of that Volt he started in the basement, which I probably never would have tried to go to had I not let him make the first move.


If you do have a monthly payment in mind, let’s say $350/monthly. Use odd numbers, like $327.19 odd numbers appear more immovable than others and it seems like a figure you came up with as a result of some thoughtful calculations.


You can use a ballpark theory. For instance, you can say a few of buddies or family member closed on a vehicle similar to this with a monthly of $275-$325. These are just a few pivot strategies to use if you feel cornered. Hope this helps.

So typically, what would be your first 3 questions?

The first question would usually be “Hello, can I please have a sales manager provide me with the current selling price before any rebates and incentives are applied on stock number xxx? Thanks in advance for your time.” After that… it all depends!



Dayum! If the were available in any other color than RED!!!, I’d be all over this!


I highly doubt it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My standing joke (with myself) every time I get that question is $0. Id joke that Id love to get the car for free …har dee har har har…we (the sales guy/gal and me) laugh and it breaks the ice.

Lately I have simply come up with a payment (i.e. talk the dealers language), made the offer of $x/mo with zero out of pocket and tell them they can send that papers and Il sign them immediately. The key is to commit to the deal so they know (or at least have some confidence in the fact) that you arent purely kicking the tires.

No matter what though, there will be some dealers that just think you are being unrealistic (even if you really arent based on comparable deals and/or what you end up getting in the end elsewhere). When I needed two cars once, and a dealer had two that fit the fit, I told them if they could do “X” Id be down that afternoon to pick them up. They responded that they “did not want to sell one car to me at that price, never mind two!” Of course, another dealer did the deal (and then some).

They are confusing Hondas with BMWs, LOL.

Well…in the old days anyway…


If you have done your research and know what a fair monthly payment is for the particular car, then there is nothing wrong with telling the dealer what monthly payment you are trying to achieve. If you are happy with the monthly payment then who cares how they formulated the deal? None of the dealers I have visited actually provide specific details on how they came up with the numbers unless you specifically ask for it.

Just don’t fall for the dealer trap of $XXX down or $XXX Due At Signing.
Find a Monthly payment with $0 DAS and then see if the dealer will match it.

don’t let them ‘hide the payment’ by adding on money down.

Isn’t this leasehackr? I read all these comments about a “reasonable offer”. If you do a deal with a reasonable offer, you shouldn’t post it here. This is the place for great deals that only 5% of dealers will do. 95% will say it is unreasonable.

Reasonable is a relative term here. It doesn’t mean “a mediocre deal”, it means “an aggressive deal, yet not so overly aggressive that it’s outside the realm of possibility and is just wasting everyone’s time.”


I must’ve missed the part about wasting everyone’s time in the LH owner’s manual.

Aggressive and reasonable can go hand-in-hand. They don’t always though, as indicated time and time again on this site. Then the dealer suddenly becomes scum, lying bastards, snakes, insert favorite adjective here when they won’t accept that “reasonable offer”. Why not be realistic, yet aggressive? You’ll get a lot further ahead that way, and maybe actually get what you want.

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