Tips/Help leasing a 2019 C43 AMG

Hello everyone, currently leasing an E300 and my lease ends at the end of this month. I was looking to lease a C43 AMG within a similar payment range which is within the mid to high 500’s to low 600’s. Should I go thru a broker or thru the dealer? Could someone also explain how the MF works and how the MSD works? thanks a lot!

located in socal
looking for a 36mo/10k

Based on these questions, you may want to go through a broker.

Also, asking for information on incentives in this forum is asking for abuse. I’ll say it first: Check the Edmunds forum for info on RV, MF, and incentives.

If you are looking for a c43, I’m guessing there are some deals to be had on '18’s but it looks like inventory on new models is sparse.

If you are set on a '19, I would extend your lease and wait as deals will surely get much better in the next 2-3 months.


thanks for the help, appreciate it!