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You should be allowed to input a desired monthly payment amount which will show how discounted the vehicle will have to be before incentives, how much of a downpayment will have to be made, how many MSD’s will have to be used and etc.


There’s A LOT of factors that can get you to a monthly payment of that.

This suggestion wouldn’t make sense because someone would have to put in incentives available for all the cars, their base MF, etc. It’s not worth anyones time to do that as this is not a paid service.

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That sounds impossible. Essentially wanting the answer to an equation without the problem existing in the first place.



Not to mention changing/updating it monthly, in addition to regional variances or certain incentives you may or may not qualify for.

This is a pipe dream at best.


This is just a suggestion take it as you may would save a lot of time helping some members who don’t understand the basics no need for the sarcasm.


There’s no sarcasm…it’s reality.

That would be a vast amount of work each and every month with so many variances based on personal situation as well as region. Not to mention it costs money (and big money) to get the RV/MF info for each and every captive.

There’s a reason everyone says “go to edmunds” when asking for that.


You’d require basic information to input such as MSRP, RF, MV, Incentives that can be applied and then there should be a function that allows to input a desired payment I wouldn’t say it’s impossible but you’re right.


I wasn’t being sarcastic, I was just giving you an answer that you don’t want to hear. As a free to use resource in the community, this option is just not going to be implemented. If you’re already putting in MSRP, RF, MV, and Incentives - Only thing that’s left to change to really impact your monthly payment is the selling price of the vehicle…


One thing that helped me was plugging in certain numbers that don’t really vary much in my state (up front sales tax, title fees, average dox fee, etc)

One thing that DID trip me up however was the mileage penalty on BMW loaners, once i figured it out it was fairly straightforward.