Tip: A8 L Marketing Allowance for May

If anyone loves road boats the 2019 A8 has a dealer marketing allowance of 15k right now. Average lot time is well over 200 days on most. Probably still don’t make the most attractive leases for more well-equipped ones but seeing a few “first edition” spec’d cars that dealers are motivated on.


Good luck with that residual and MF though, although you never know how deep they’ll go on a discount to move one of these boat anchors


Yah saw ur edmunds post. That residual and MF aren’t helping

Forget about the RV and MF, this is the deal killer for me:

The only grille in this segment that’s this ridiculous is on the Lexus LS.






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thread worth it just for the memes


Thank for posting this.

A friend of my father’s was talking about picking up an A8.

I’ll mention this.

Cheapest MSRP I could find locally, that discount is probably not doable either, the residual might be a bit higher. Days in stock locally anywhere from 200-400+ days.

just a tip, there’s a grey one in ND, they ship nationwide.


I think we have seen our fair share of people that were about to spend outrageous money on the A8s earlier this year.

Even with the $15,000 allowance, just buying the low-mileage Demo CPOs in the low 60s might still be the way to go.

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I think I read somewhere that manufacturers are doing these obnoxiously huge grilles to appeal to Chinese tastes. Supposedly they love this stuff.

Yes, but other international businesses adapt to variations in cultural tastes as a matter of survival.

While this makes my point indirectly, and sort of in reverse, it’s still one of my favorite stories. :slight_smile:

Until you try to sell it.


exactly you don’t call em boats just because of the size. However I will tell you I did a few of those G90 deals almost two years ago with like 15-19k on the hood. Two people have totaled their cars (survived & healthy) and each made about 7k profit on the insurance payout after taking out the previous lease payments, tax, and buyout value. So the key is to total these boats, survive the accident and profit. I should probably post this strategy on r/wsb for some autists to replenish their robinhood accounts.

Edit: This is NFA, and don’t commit insurance fraud if you are going to get caught.


It looks like there is close to 20% dealer discounts in my area so maybe a good lease to buy deal like some Kia models when the $15k stacks on top of the dealer discount bringing the price down to mid $50k from a near $90k MSRP. I don’t know if Audi has any rules against buying out a lease quickly though…

YOLO bets on car leases? I’m in!


I almost promise you that discount is inclusive of the 15k.


I am not sure, some of these cars are early 2019 builds and have spent over a year in dealer inventory. There should be plenty of discounts to move them especially these days…